Minutes MAL meeting

Date: April 27, 2022


Attendees: Lynn Ohlson, Lynn Huff, Selena Glover, Deborah Gaon, Rene Campbell, Ian Thomas, Adam Fenwick, Christine McDowell, James McGrath


Regrets: Eric Massey, Sandra Garland, Lori Clace, Terry Hupman


Meeting started: 719am pacific time


Our current secretary was not re-elected and has left the Executive.   Lynn Huff has volunteered to assume the position


June 10 for Bargaining Team – reached out to professionals to attend to provide their input

MAL Elections

The group decided that the areas in need of representation are: Prairie Provinces, BC and Yukon, Ontario outside of the NCR and Quebec

We will be running an election for Nursing from any other federal department (to replace Peter Rodrigue) at the same time as the MAL elections.

There are no under- represented departments for the MAL callout.

The call-out will start in the next couple of weeks as it takes 12-14 weeks to complete the election process.

People can apply from the following regions: BC Yukon, Ontario not NCR, the prairies and Quebec.

The new MAL and nursing will be joining us in October 2022 – the incumbents for the 2 MAL positions will serve from 2022-2024. They will take office immediately upon announcement of the election results. This will likely be towards the end of August based on current 12–14-week election timelines.  In Jan 2025, the new general election process would include the MAL positions with alternating years for each position based on an updated bylaw being passed at the AGM this October in Fredericton. (i.e., MAL Position 1 - 2 yrs April 2025-April 2027 and MAL Position 2 - 1 yr April 2025-April 2026 with re-elected in April 2026 every 2 years) MAL positions will run for 2 years until October 2024, following this, in 2025, one MAL position will be elected on alternate years if passed at the AGM, when by-laws are brought forward.  To clarify, the current election will be for 2 years and then in 2025, will go to elections on alternate years.

Other Business

Lynn O will check to see if observers to the executive will be covered by PIPSC if Adam is not selected.  We do need to have the Chair of the Bargaining team as part of the executive whether elected to the board or not. 

This question is to be added to our June agenda.

The Executive will try to make this issue a regulation rather than a By-law.

We will need to have an executive meeting in September – probably virtual for election of positions


The fall meeting will be on October 14, 2022, for the Executive and the AGM will be held on October 15, 2022

Lynn O will ask if Sean is willing to chair the October 15 AGM

Lynn O will check about the business process to have the AGM in Fredericton. 


The Branch Presidents will be coming to the bargaining rounds in Ottawa in June, so the bargaining team budget will cover these costs.

It was decided that we would organize a dinner for Joanne, Colleen, and Ginette on Friday June 10, 2022.

We would be inviting Jerry Saunders as well – he will cover his travel and hotel costs and the Executive would cover the cost of his supper.

Suitable venues will be explored by the Executive members who live in Quebec.

James has purchased the gift cards as discussed at the last executive meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 8:41am Pacific time