Note from the Employer

As you are aware, NUREG members recently ratified the tentative agreement that was reached on September 7, 2017. The CNSC is working quickly and diligently through the required steps to be able to formally sign this agreement with the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC).

To be in a position to formally sign the collective agreement, the CNSC must have Governor in Council approval. This requires various documents and pre-approvals that must be sought from both Treasury Board Secretariat and Justice Canada.

We are pleased to report that since the tentative agreement was signed, we have already received all required pre-approvals and have forwarded our submission to the Minister which will then be forwarded to the Governor in Council.

Once the CNSC receives approval to enter into a collective agreement from the Governor in Council, we can formally sign the agreement with PIPSC representatives and the NUREG bargaining team. When the agreement is signed, the CNSC will have 120 days to implement the terms of the agreement, including retroactive payments.

In the meantime, the Compensation team has already undertaken preparations on many fronts to be able to start the retroactive payments as soon as the agreement is signed. The team is currently reviewing the past four years of transactions, particularly since the implementation of Phoenix, to ensure data accuracy. With support from Finance, reports and spreadsheets are being developed to assist the Compensation team with calculations.

In the meantime, in response to a number of questions that have been brought forward to the NUREG Executive, please find attached a “frequently asked questions” document for your reference.

The Compensation team will communicate with staff once it is ready to begin processing payments in Phoenix.

Louise Youdale

Director General / Human Resources Directorate
Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission / Government of Canada