Thank you to everyone who completed our Bargaining Survey.  Your Bargaining Team met January 9 to 11, 2019, to prepare our proposals using the feedback we received from the survey results.  Our members' level of participation and written comments are encouraging. Your continued support and engagement is essential in identifying and achieving priorities for this round of bargaining.

The Bargaining Team also met March 6 and 7, 2019, to finalize our non-monetary proposals.  With the support of PIPSC Research staff, we have additional work to complete in order to finalize our pay proposals later this month.  NUREG’s proposals, along with CNSC’s proposals, will be published for the information of members once these have been exchanged with CNSC. 

Our team is committed to seeking a timely agreement with the employer. The first negotiation dates with CNSC have been scheduled for March 27, 28 & 29.  Dates have also been scheduled for May and June, and we have requested additional dates in April in an effort to reach a new collective agreement as soon as possible.

We continue to work with the leaders of the other PIPSC Groups to ensure the government engages in fair and timely negotiations with our Union.   Representatives from the eighteen (18) groups under the Treasury Board, including OSFI, have joined forces to negotiate common issues at a central bargaining table.  Common issues that PIPSC has presented at the central table include: pay rules, family leave, workplace harassment, family day, duration of agreement and economic increase. The Central Bargaining Team for PIPSC Treasury Board groups will be meeting again with Treasury Board March 26-28, 2019.  Updates from Central Bargaining are posted on the PIPSC website at:

We are encouraging members to join the PIPSC Do Better campaign, to support the efforts of your Bargaining Team and Union.  You can sign up online at:

We are committed to keeping our members informed throughout this process.  Your support is vital to our success.  To contact your bargaining team directly, please email:

Better Together!

NUREG Bargaining Team

Bargaining Process Summary:

Survey Members – Complete

Finalize Non-Monetary Proposals – Complete

Develop Pay Proposals - Underway

Exchange Proposals with Employer – Date TBC

Negotiations to Achieve Tentative Agreement - Commence March 27, 2019

Should an Impasse in Negotiations Occur - Proceed to Binding Arbitration - If necessary

Tentative Agreement - Goal

Bargaining Unit Membership Ratification Vote - after Tentative Agreement is reached