Wednesday, September 8, 2021

12:06 PM

September 8, 2021



Quorum of regular members met and meeting called to order at 12:06 PM

NUREG Executive present: 

Harold Marcotte – President

Kathleen Ferreira – Vice President

Ben Lootsma – MOL

Claudia Bell – MOL


Jennie Esnard – NCR Director

David Griffin – PIPSC Bargaining Agent

1. Agenda as written was adopted as read.

2. Minutes of Previous AGM: Due to technical difficulties, the Secretary was unable to connect - adoption of the minutes of the 2019 AGM minutes deferred to the 2021 AGM in November 2020.

3. President's Report – H. Marcotte

- PIPSC dispensation to postpone the 2020 AGM to no later than October 2021 - Effects of Covid-19 pandemic on our members

- Negotiating a new collective agreement in the near future, current agreement expires March 31,  2022 – seeking to form a new bargaining team

- Current agreement was negotiated in record time and followed a “no-members-left-behind” approach with great success for all.

- Some of the major gains the executive committee and bargaining team have made recently: o Eliminated core hours and pushed for maximum flexibility in response to covid-19 o Major gains in dealing with harassment

o Consultation with CNSC executive on significant issues including pandemic protocols - In need of more volunteers to help take on the many issues we are facing

- Nominations for the next NUREG Executive Committee elections close tomorrow - we  encourage everyone to get involved and volunteer 

- Thank you to the elections committee and especially the chair - Paul McDonald - Thank you to the NUREG EC members

- Thank you to the Stewards

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- Be passionate and volunteer - find something you are willing to die for and then live for it - fight  for it despite all the road blocks that you will meet and leave a legacy of change. 

4. Treasurer’s Report - H. Marcotte

- The Treasurer's report was presented by the President. Details of the report can be found in  Appendix 1 – the report was shared live via computer screen. Due to Covid-19 pandemic,  much of NUREG’s anticipated spending for 2020 was not realized and the actual expenses  were quite low. No questions on the budget.

- Motion to adopt financial statement - B. Lootsma

Seconded - K. Ferreira

No discussion 

Motion was approved

5. Report from NCR Director - J. Esnard

- PIPSC President D. Daviau will retire December 31, 2021

- 2021 is an election year for PIPSC - watch for elections updates in the near future - PIPSC is pushing the ever changing issues of our members - take the survey to have a voice - PIPSC's stance on government's vaccination mandate - we back the science as a group 

representing predominately members in science based roles. PIPSC is focused on ensuring the  rights of individuals are respected while ensuring that an eventual return to the workplace, for  those who wish to do so, is a return to a safe workplace.

6. Report from PIPSC Negotiator - D. Griffin.

- Current Collective Agreement will expire March 31, 2022

- All PIPSC federal collective agreements (18) expire between December 31, 2021 and December  31, 2022

- PSAC and CS (PIPSC) collective agreements expire this year

- Members are encouraged to pay attention to the current federal election and to get out and  vote

- PIPSC priorities include - telework, work life balance and the right to disconnect, just to name a  few.

- The survey is targeted for October

- A separate survey for CNSC/NUREG specific issues will follow after the bargaining team is established post NUREG elections, given the new Executive Committee

- Bargaining is a significant but important commitment - approximately 3 days every 6-8 weeks for probably 18 months or longer and anyone interested is encouraged to volunteer - PIPSC is pushing for clarity on the government's vaccination mandate including accommodation of legitimate reasons for which an individual may not be vaccinated

- If an individual receives direction to come in, vaccinated - we would encourage them to reach out the Regional Office for help.

7. NUREG Elections – H. Marcotte

- Election nominations close tomorrow - if you are interested put your name in to any of the positions. Get your nominations in so we can have a good election going forward.

8. New Business

1. NUREG Logo – PIPSC informed the need for a redesigned Group logo. More information to come.

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2. September 30 is Truth and Reconciliation Day 

- J. Esnard can provide details regarding a planned march in Ottawa to support our I ndigenous members

- A local indigenous elder will be invited as a guest to the next Labour Management Consultation Committee (LMCC) meeting to provide some indigenous wisdom including on healing circles

9. Member questions/comments:

o Topics included PIPSC Budget, CNSC Career Development, Number of Greivances, Use of  Code 699 

Motion to adjourn - B. Lootsma

Seconded - K. Ferreira

Motion carried

Meeting adjourned at 13:05