PIPSC has been working with the Treasury Board to ensure the conversion process from CS to IT is as smooth as possible. While we expect most members to convert without complication, PIPSC is prepared to help with any difficulties.

PIPSC has trained CS stewards to ensure they can help members with any conversion-related issues.

Members received an Advanced Personal Notification (APN) with their proposed new IT classification the week of September 20, 2021. The APN is only to inform members of their new IT classification ahead of time and no grievances are to be filed at this time.

If members have any questions or concerns about their APN, they can speak to their manager or a conversion trained PIPSC steward for guidance.

Members will receive their Official Personal Notification (OPN) starting on December 9, 2021. While we expect most members to convert to the same level, PIPSC is prepared to help members. Stewards are trained to address issues that may arise, and a help form is available for inquiries. If you have concerns about your job description, contact a steward as soon as possible to discuss options.

How to get help

After you receive your OPN, check that your new IT job description is complete and accurate. Also check that your IT classification level is appropriate for the tasks listed in your job description.

If you have concerns about your IT job description or classification level, or if you think they could be inaccurate:

  1. Contact a trained CS-IT steward for guidance
  2. With the steward’s help, fill out the CS-IT conversion help form (form now closed)
  3. If you can’t reach a steward, contact the PIPSC Compensation team

Complete the steps as soon as possible. PIPSC and the Treasury Board agreed to a 120-calendar day grace period on top of the regular 35-calendar day timeline to file a classification grievance upon receipt of the OPN.

PIPSC resources

Treasury Board Secretariat resources

 These links to the Treasury Board’s information are on your Intranet, accessible through your work network. If you have any problems accessing the intranet page, please contact your service desk.