April 9, 2018 


  • Stan
  • Denis
  • Dean
  • Eva
  • Stacy
  • Pierre
  • Karim
  • Deb
  • Rob Scott
  • Robert Tellier
  • Guy
  • Gordon
  • Denise (negotiator)


  • Lucille

Agenda approved Moved by Robert, Second by Deb.  Carried

Minutes – 
Jan 26 Moved by Stacy / Second Rob Carried   Action item
Feb 19 Moved by Stacy, Second by Pierre Carried

Communication Plan

Denis presented the Comm plan.

Discussion of using the CS Group website for mobilization tool.  Denis had looked at finding a site for mobilization.  PIPSC has Nationbuilder for a mobilization tool was suggested.  Denis suggests we can not wait for pipsc site.  Proposal that now that Nationbuilder is live, it would be a good tool because the members and stewards are already preloaded.  PIPSC has already used Nationbuilder so we should look at how the Mouvement Quebec solidaire how (which is low cost) it compares to Nationbuilder.  We have two decisions is do we keep it or go pipsc and use NoC RoC as person controlling mobilization using this site.  Denis does not have access to Nationbuilder.

Do we keep website for mobilization platform for the group.  The Mouvement Quebec solidaire is very good tool/platform for mobilization.

Motion to archive the current CS Website and use the PIPSC website for the CS Group

Moved Denis/Second Guy  Carried

Another important part of the Communications plan – role is to open up the means and goals.  It is someone that facilitates the content.  Officers of the Executive create the content and Communications officer facilitates the post of the content.  Would like to get a Youtube channel for information sharing quickly. 

Proposal of purchasing on a new camera with equipment for the group which created a lot of discussion for and against.  - Bring back to June Executive

Social media should not be posted on the Members page on social media and should be posted on our page first then in a few days, then post to the members page.

Ownership of the Google drive should be under pipsc collab-we lose files on current file structure. 

Action items:

Denis to contact PIPSC to have a CS group collab area.
Executive to provide feedback to Denis re communication

Speaker:  Sharon Babineau- is in Toronto and can do the hour presentation about balancing work and union volunteerism. Cost will be done at $500.  Discussion was had about this speaker. 

Robert suggested a different speaker who is a former CS member – name Steve Waterhouse to do a presentation on Cloud Computing.   Cost is under $5000.  Question about whether or not he contracts out to the government should be asked.  Had teleconference with Steve to discuss what he would talk about.

Motion:  To invite Steve Waterhouse to be the guest speaker at the CS AGM.  Moved By Robert / Second by Eva Carried.  Action item:   Membership officer to check with PIPSC if they will be covering the cost of the speaker for the AGM.

June 6 hotels for Executive:  Are we keeping the rooms for the executive or will we be going to letting them go and come in on June 7. 

Motion:  To cancel the rooms for the night of June 6thCarried

Executive has been invited to the Toronto CS Subgroup AGM on Thursday evening.  There is a suggestion that the Executive attend the AGM.

Outgoing executive dinner would be have to be held another day as not all outgoing executive members can be in attendance.  Suggestion to have it at the PIPSC National AGM.

Member email re notice sent out by CS Executive about Delegate selection.  Virtual binder will have list of delegates.  Member is asking to have the members of the group receive notice.  Create an explanation for how delegates have been selected with listing of criteria for it.

Delegate selection:  We try to follow the criteria when we select delegates.  Regional selections to Lucille by Wednesday.

Motion: To add one extra delegate to each region. Moved by Robert Second by Gordon Carried

Debi Daviau was approached to speak but there is no one available to speak due to Board of Directors.

Virtual Binder to be ready for posting on website.  A suggestion of using a USB was given but suggestion was withdrawn.

Steward recognition

Google drive, Guy put file of results of the workshops.  Guy would like to strike a small committee(3 or 4 members) to discuss the results and offers ideas to our strategic planning meeting.

Timeline is to have something ready for the strategic planning meeting.  Gordon has been tasked nationally to do this and will share with Guy his report.

There needs to be recognition for volunteers/bargaining teams/subgroup presidents

Strategic Planning meeting August 30 and 31 – Invitation to be sent out.  To look into places for meeting: suggestions of Halifax, Edmonton

NIX Phoenix
There is a PIPSC campaign that is being launched.  There will be training offered and will be offered to train the trainers.  Presentation was given at the Sub group presidents meeting.  Where is the training to be held and when.  Should be leveraged through the NOC. 

Action: Gordon to talk to Shelley and pass information down the NOC structure.

Unfair Labour Practice.
Request for an unfair labour practice and PIPSC came back saying they didn’t want to pursuit it.  Isabelle Roy replied that we were not timely and that we didn’t want to file to jeopardize next round of bargaining.

Discussion of the issues raised by reply from PIPSC.  There are other things that can be done outside of having the unfair labour practice was noted and suggestions were made on what we could possibly do in lieu of the complaint.  One suggestion is to request a reopening the collective agreement.  Also use information from COAP to refute the charge there is no retention and recruitment issues.

Stan will be drafting a response to PIPSC legal and share with the executive.  Denise suggests that this be brought to the table before we start bargaining.  We need to include recruitment and retention numbers for bargaining, how to demand these metrics before the next round with a letter to TBS.

Time Line:  Document provided on the google drive. 

Suggestion of a bargaining team prep. Meeting in August. 

Timeline appears very aggressive and rushed.

 Issue of Targeted vs regular path for bargaining. – Discussion if we decide to go targeted, it should be definitely a route of “show me the money”

On the protocol for the bargaining is usually on the side of the union and we are going to be pushing them to sign off on protocols.

Motion for a roll call vote Moved by Stacy, Second by Pierre.

Bargaining Method

Gordon - Targeted
Eva - Normal
Denis - Normal
Dean - Normal
Stacy - Normal
Stan - Normal
Pierre - Normal
Karim - Normal
Deb - Normal
Rob Scott - Normal
Guy - Targeted
Lucille not present

Review of work done at Proposal committee – deferred to next meeting.

Routes – Concilatory vs Arbitration.
Proposal of route to be done in September.  Discussion should be had at the AGM that the survey will be coming out for the survey in September

Lunch and learns on contract article 18, 23, 30 – Possible youtube videos.

Round Table

Selection of the bargaining team will happen at June meeting.

Contracting out – purchased stickers and postcards for contracting out with a focus to departments that have many contracting out tenders.

Motion:  The CS Group cover the cost of printing postcards at a cost of up to $100. Moved Eva/Second by Dean Carried

The contracting out action plan – Recognition of the work that Eva is doing.
Budgets were asked for and not many have provided their budgets.
Checks are easier for Treasurer rather than having it paid through claims.  If you really don’t need direct deposit, please have Treasurer cut a check.
CS AGM – Friday night having a suite for video games 

Motion for up to $300 to purchase retro video games Moved by Guy second by Deb Carried

Promotional Items:  Chair back for the AGM
Please send email to Pierre and Rob Scott for promotional item ideas.
Classification review – Did the CS Group want to change to IT? – Discussion deferred to June

Thanks to Gordon for his service to the CS Group Executive.

Next meeting: Teleconference April 17th @7:00 pm – Reports.
Adjournment carried.