Stan Buday, Deb Butler, Stacy McLaren, Tony Goddard, Eva Henshaw, Steven Frechette, Lucille Shears, Rob Scott, Yvonne Snaddon, Patricia Williams, Karim Chaggani, Jean Paul Leduc(Staff)


Pierre Touchette, Gordon Bulmer

Agenda Item:



Meeting called to order:  6:35

Subgroup President’s meeting


Dates:  Nov 19-20, 2021

Business case for the Subgroup President’s meeting with the training.  The Board approved everything for the three locations (NB, Montreal, Ottawa).  Discussion was about New Brunswick with the state of emergency for NB due to pandemic. 


Booking the dates, we need to have Linda confirm and book the event.  Issue with St Andrew’s is that people will need to rent cars to drive from St. John airport. 


Discussion among the executive:

Logistics were discussed about driving / rental cars (it is an hour drive), whether or not flights to NB are happening.  Concerns raised on if weather could affect flights, driving and getting to and from the venue.  Suggestion that we look into a bus to transport everyone to the hotel.


We don’t have just the executive to worry about but also the Subgroup Presidents. 


Organizing by AA is the norm that does the booking.  Linda may need to get assistance from AA in either Atlantic if at St. Andrews or AA in Montreal if in Montreal.  This means that we need to push the envelope to decide what we are going to do.


Lists of who we need to talk to about logistics with Staff at PIPSC was brought up because of what is going on with staff at PIPSC.


There will be an Executive meeting with this event.  It isn’t decided on whether or not it will be before or after.


Vote on whether or not we will keep the dates for Nov for the Subgroup Meeting.  There was also discussion of the weekend earlier for the Subgroup president’s meeting.  But the majority is that we are keeping the Nov 19-20 meeting dates for subgroup president’s meeting.


Question:  How many would like to keep the meeting at St Andrew’s versus Montreal.  Vote:  St Andrew’s (7) which carries. 


Agenda to be worked on with Stan, Lucille and Rob to discuss what we can do for the SG President’s meeting.

Also, what to do concerning training/Mobilizing.  Will we use some of the agenda time to talk about how we are going to be mobilizing and also do we also have time to discuss strategic planning that we are doing.

Executive members invited to send in agenda items.


Bargaining Training

Suggest to tie the bargaining training to St Andrew’s. 


Negotiator is giving the training.  Everything should be ready for the subgroup president’s meeting.

In the past, 2 days of training for bargaining.  So, this training would be one or two days before the Subgroup President’s meeting.  This would mean that Executive would need to come to St Andrew’s early.



  • Whether or not we have the executive before or after the Subgroup President’s meeting.  So will we have the executive on the Tuesday before the subgroup president’s meeting or the Monday after.
  • Bargaining training is usually done over two days.  Would require to bring in non executive bargaining team members for the days of training.
  • Only the executive and bargaining team will be attending the bargaining training.
  • Negotiator feels that it would be better to have the training before the subgroup president’s meeting so that when he does presentation at the SG Pres meeting, he will be in the right frame of mind to discuss bargaining.
  • Vote:  To do the training before the SG Pres meeting on the 17-18 Nov.  CARRIED.
  • Executive meeting: 
  • To have the executive meeting on Monday Nov 22 or Tuesday 16 November or to have the meeting at another time (December time frame).  Vote carries for having the meeting in December.  Date decided: December 1, 2 and 3 to have bargaining prep meeting and then executive meeting.  Hybrid meeting

Notice to bargain

To be going in during December.

JP looking to have some bargaining team planning meetings.  Jan 11, 12 and 13th are additional dates.

Round Table

Lucille to confirm the dates are correct for the Algonquin in St Andrew’s

Next meeting

October 19th – Resolutions to be discussed in the morning and executive in the afternoon.  Stacy to put spreadsheet of resolutions on the Google drive.


Lucille to confirm the dates are correct for the Algonquin in St Andrew’s




Meeting adjourned:  8:20 pm