Bargaining Update #9  -  July 2021


Hello CRPEG Members,

Your bargaining team met with the employer July 20–23, 2021. The work continues to be slow, but a couple of issues were resolved during this session: career and professional development and progressive retirement. The issues of remote work and pay remain outstanding. New dates will be set for further discussions and negotiations. 

As previously noted in these updates, the company has been working on remote working arrangements. Your concerns regarding remote work that need to be addressed include fairness and equity of access to telework, support for employees working from home, ensuring that remote work remains voluntary, etc. The employer will be rolling out a remote work arrangement to non-unionized employees in the near future. As soon as the collective agreement language is agreed to by both parties, the specific remote work arrangements for CRPEG members will be provided. 

Thank you all for your continued support,

Your Bargaining Team. 

Jonathan Fitzpatrick

Noel Harrison

Curtis J. Russell

David H. Pilgrim

Clifford Dugal

Kourosh Khosravi

Bob Radenovic

Navdeep Dadhiala

PIPSC Negotiator: Denise Doherty

PIPSC Senior Research Officer: John Anderson