Attendees:       Jason, Andree, Phil, David, Emily, Lyne, Olivia, Vania, Nazim, Angela,

& Cara (group negotiator) 


Regrets:           Peter, Natalia, Yanick


Meeting started at 1:07pm (EST) with quorum reached 


Chair of the meeting: 


According to the bylaw, meetings can be chaired by President, VP, Treasurer or an alternate. Andree Doucet asked Jason Huang if he would like to chair the meeting since he organized it and seeing as there were no objections from other executives, Jason accepted to chair this special meeting. 


Confirmation of David Chu as Sub-group Coordinator

Jason indicated that the majority of executives (8 of 13) had voted by email for David Chu as CP sub-group coordinator. David Chu confirmed his interest for accepting the role and as no other executives indicated any interest, the executives unanimously approved David Chu’s appointment as CP sub-group coordinator.


Issues related to sub-group president meetings

A sub-group presidents meeting has been scheduled for Friday, February 19, 2021 at the request of the Group President, Peter Gabriel. Other than the group executives who are also a Sub-Group President, no executives present at this special meeting were informed about the February 19 sub-group presidents meetings.  Certain executives became aware of the meeting recently by being copied on correspondence from one of the Sub-Group Presidents. 


Motion: Given that the February 19 meeting is not in compliance with Bylaw 8.3, CP executives direct the sub-group coordinator David Chu to inform all sub-group presidents that the February 19, 2021 meeting will be canceled, and to coordinate with sub-group presidents to arrange and hold this year’s (2021) sub-group presidents meeting at a later date.


Moved by Nazim Awan, seconded by Jason Huang

Carried (unanimous)


Executives discussed issues raised with regards to who is responsible for chairing sub-group presidents meetings, and all agreed that it is up to the sub-group coordinator David Chu and sub-group presidents to make that decision.

The issue of attendance was also discussed.  Lyne and Angela indicated that based on their experience attending previous sub-group meetings, these should be open and inclusive as they are mostly information sharing sessions.  There are rarely any decisions made at sub-group presidents meetings. Cara (group negotiator) echoed that nothing in the Bylaw specifically prevents group executives or other regional representatives from attending sub-group presidents meetings.

Motion: to be more inclusive, all CP group executives, and 2 members maximum from each sub-group (can include observers, not on the executive) should be invited to attend this year’s 2021 sub-group presidents meeting.  The group executive will make the final decision on the participants for this year’s meeting.


Moved by Angela Cowie, seconded by Andree Doucet

Carried (unanimous)


Salary replacement for attending sub-group presidents meetings

Jason indicated that he had become aware that a request to PIPSC Finance was submitted by Peter Gabriel to review claims of salary replacement by AV executive who attended the 2019 AV sub-group presidents meeting.   This meeting was held for a full day on the Friday between the Executive Meeting that took place on Thursday and the AGM which was on Saturday.  The Executive had been informed that their presence was mandatory. 

Executives expressed concerns that this request was made without prior knowledge or approval of the Executive.  If there were concerns regarding the validity of the request, it should have been raised at an Executive meeting as there are possible consequences to the Group Budget if PIPSC determines that we have to absorb the cost of the salary replacement.  As volunteers, having been told that our presence was mandatory, Executives feel very strongly that salary replacement was reasonable and should not be questioned now. David explained that it’s actually cost effective to claim salary for attending the Friday meeting, rather than reimbursing travel expenses.

Cara confirmed that PIPSC received the request and will follow up on this with PIPSC Finance, and report back to the group treasurer, Jason.


Complaint filed with PIPSC Legal Services

Executives agreed that any complaint filed with Legal Services should not be discussed, as no one is aware of the nature of the complaint.  Anyone involved in the complaint will be notified by Legal Services.


Motion: to adjourn the meeting

Moved by Jason Huang, seconded by Lyne Larocque

Carried (unanimous)

The meeting adjourned at 3:05pm (EST)