CP Group Minutes of the meeting held virtually on July 26th, 2021  (Meeting #1)

Attendees :  Andree Doucet, Ray J. Paquette, Evangelia Costamis, Olivia Leung, Emily Beckerman, Angela Cowie, Vania Tsang, Elaine Ewers, Lyne Larocque and Susan Evans.

Regrets: Natalia Kim

Staff:  Denise Doherty-Delorme and Cara Linn Ryan

Meeting called to order at 12:00

Welcome :   by President Andree Doucet

Introductions: by all

Agenda  moved by Ray J. Paquette seconded by Olivia Leung (carried)

Previous minutes moved by Angela Cowie seconded by Emily Beckerman (carried)

Finance Report presented by Andree Doucet and Evangelia Costamis

There was a discussion on what the policy for cell phone and internet charges were.

Vacant positions:  it was decided to send out a call letter to fill the positions of Secretary and Prairies/NWT

Committee and members:   All committees will have CP President Andree Doucet as a member.

Finance:  Chair Evangelia Costamis and  member Emily Beckerman

Bylaws:  Chair Lyne Larocque, members Ray J. Paquette and Vania Tsang

AGMs:  Chair Olivia Leung, members Angela Cowie, Vania Tsang, Evangelia Costamis and Natalia Kim

Communications:  Chair Susan Evans and member Angela Cowie

Sub Group Coordinator:  Ray J. Paquette

Advisory Committee: discussion on the role of this committee and how to create it but decisions deferred to a future meeting.

Discussion will be required to set AGM date

It was decided that all group correspondence to be reviewed once translated by Lyne Larocque prior to sending it out to members.

Motion to reserve $ for the purchase of up to 15 new group and sub group roll up banners with the new CP logo.  Moved by Ray J. Paquette seconded by Andree Doucet.  Carried.


Meeting adjourned at 16:30

Minutes prepared by VP Ray J. Paquette