Note; All documents for this meeting were in the CP Group Executive Team Drive (Shared Drive)

Full Interpretation was available for this meeting.


10am Roll Call (members of the Group Executive) – Peter

In Attendance: Peter Gabriel, Andree Doucet, Jason Huang, Angela Cowie, Emily Beckerman, Vania Tsang, Lyne Larocque, David Chu, Olivia Leung, Natalia Kim, Philip Wang

Regrets: Nazim Awan, Yanick Poulin


Note: Vania requested email address update. Peter noted ACTION ITEM that new email will be created next week, and all Executive will receive email to add their preferred email to the master email address.

10:05am Approval of the Agenda – Moved Peter Gabriel, second by Olivia Leung, motion carried.

10:15am Adoption of the Minutes of the previous Executive ZOOM Meeting Nov 21, 2020 – Moved by Peter Gabriel, second by Andree, motion carried.

Note: Title for Executive Meeting on October 31, 2020 to be changed from “Non-Executive” to “Ad-hoc”

10:30am Business Arising from the Minutes – Peter

Budget 2021 – Jason – completed

Audit Presentation – Andree – and Jason – completed

Logo Contest – Olivia – completed

AGM – completed November 28, 2020

10:45am Report of the President – Peter

Presented Report from Strategic Bargaining Committee, Advisory Committee, Group Presidents meeting. Also presented Annual President Report, which was communicated to the membership January 19, 2021. Highlights as follows:

  • Communications will be for critical Group business only during the pandemic period, for example Elections Call Letter, next AGM Call Letter. Allowed 2 to 3 mass communication emails to total membership per year.
  • Next Strategic bargaining Committee will be in February 2021, and Agenda item new Terms of Reference, Continuance of existing Central table.
  • Facebook reaching new members, with over 610 members now.
  • 6,331 members as of December 31, 2020.
  • Hiring continues for both PG and CO classifications.
  • Pandemic issues are first priority at PIPSC HQ and also at TBS.
  • Large surplus $21,000+ for FYE 2020.
  • Great financial shape.
  • PIPSC AGM December 5 was a waste of time, as too many Retired Members took to the microphone, and dragged out debate, filibuster strategy. Only 3 motions were passed. A second day AGM is scheduled for April 10, and not impressed with losing another Saturday. Also, too many silly motions, like refunding nearly $9million (NR Group), would close the union doors. This will be withdrawn, I hear from BOD and NR Group Executives.
  • I have seen a lack of knowledge with regards to Membership Dues, PIPSC Finance and also lack of understanding how PIPSC works in regards to Finance and Group Approval operations.
  • Action Item: Sent a request to PIPSC Finance for a FinanceTraining ZOOM meeting for all members. Request was approved, as per Chair Chris Roach and Director Dennis Brit. Details such as Date and Time are now being developed at PIPSC Finance. More to follow.

11:30am Financial Report – Jason

  • Jason presented report with $21, 784.23 FYE 2020 Closing Balance surplus.
  • Peter noted if you look at 2019 and 2020, the Group Executive total 2 year expenses came in well under budget.
  • Jason Shared the Finance Dept email for 2020 Funding allocation, minus the advance of nearly $15,000.
  • Discussion around Accounting principles spreadsheet, versus Messaging additional notes, to supplement the Accounting spreadsheet.
  • Also, closed the book on the Disposal (not a parting gift) James Bright Laptop. Laptop depreciation has the value at Zero $0.
  • Note, laptops have a three-year depreciation life. Year 1 value is same. Year 2 depreciate 35 to 40%, year 3 depreciated 50 to 60 %. And with pandemic, and no way to sanitize, disposal was our last option, as no other Executive member wanted a used laptop.
  • Request for Jason to details expense from one meeting to the next.

Noon Health Break 

12:45pm Regional Rep Reports - David, Lyne, Emily, Nazim, Vania, Angela

  • Completed, all Regional Reps told us their plans from now to end of May 2020.
  • Significant note was Halifax Subgroup creation, David Chu. And Approved by Peter Gabriel, documents sent in to PIPSC HQ Linda Martel and Alain Daoust. Awaiting approval to proceed.
  • Lyne Larocque also will be creating a Subgroup in Quebec City in the future. Requested RANDS communication information:
  • ACTION ITEM :Peter to request PIPSC Membership to outline how they are communicating with Rands.

1:00pm Member at Large Reports: Olivia, Natalia and Philip

  • Olivia, Natalia and Phil all expressed their desire to assist in mental health and Wellness initiatives,
  • and Olivia presented costs for Hoodies and also Shirts, with new Logo.

1:30pm Committee Reports: 

  1. Group AGM Committee, debrief of the AGM and roundtable discussion regarding the AGM – Peter

All members roundtable format gave their opinions regarding our AGM from November 28, 2020.

Many expressed desire to get rid of Chat room. Many distractions and interruptions. Several delegates were very rude, with open microphone. Chair Scott acknowledged that lost control at certain times. Many first-time delegates did not know any PIPSC Policy and By-laws, therefore when they made comments, they were making erroneous false claims.

Suggestions for improvement:

  • questions in advance;
  • financial forum in advance;
  • limit of only 42 delegates and no observers;
  • those delegates that were rude will not be invited again
  • no open microphone
  • ACTION ITEM – Peter to send Call letter for next AGM late April or early May, prior to Election voting period. No chat. No open microphone, similar to PIPSC AGM.
  1. By-Law and Policy Committee – Peter

New adopted By-laws and Regulations were approved by Executive Committee today January 22, as per Nancy McCune. They will be posted on our website in near future. Peter sent email to all execs confirming Executive Committee approval January 22.

Lyne expressed desire to be involved in By-laws, and now is the new Chair.

  1. Bargaining Committee - Peter 

Awaiting post-mortem from PIPSC HQ negotiations Division.

  1. Communication Committee – Vania

ACTION ITEM: Vania would like to get our newsletter out before next AGM April 2021.

  1. Election Committee - Peter 

ACTION ITEM: Call letter sent to PIPSC Elections Committee Chair Tom Kirkpatrick, Julie Gagnon, Ed Gillis, Ammais January 11. Acknowledged receipt January 15. Same procedure as last election

  1. New Advisory Committee - Cara Ryan to discuss with Executive

Cara expressed 5 concerns around duplication redundancy, resources, training costs, animosity, potential of information survey overload to members, resulting in less engaged membership (membership tune-out) Cara made it very clear that there is only one Bargaining central point of contact, the bargaining Team, which reports to the Group Executive.

David expressed view that there is a desire for members to be more involved.

Peter highlighted July 2018 Bargaining Advisory Conference, 31 members attended. Also highlighted once Bargaining Survey is completed by negotiations Division at PIPSC HQ (which our dues pay for) and the Bargaining Team, then PIPSC HQ assembles membership priorities and we get our marching orders to negotiate based on our survey results.

Advisory Committee By-law is vague, as does not indicate how many members, what and how will be communication etc.

  1. EWSP update – Andree

Andree is involved in meetings as part of the Review Committee, and reported back that there is a Ratification Target in the Spring. We need to be patient.

  1. Subgroup Coordinator Report – Andree

ACTION ITEM: In process of calling a SG President’s meeting in February, as we did not have one prior to our Group AGM. More to follow.

  1. Wellness Committee – Philip

Phil presented mental health initiatives and would lie to see some sort of training for Execs and stewards. More to follow.


Note: All Execs are members of all committees. And to be a functioning committee member, all Executives must be familiar with PIPSC and also Group By-Laws and Regulations, in particular Finance Committee as there are many Finance By-laws and Policies to understand.

3:00pm Health Break


3:45pm New Business 

  1. - Olivia - Logo update, new design logo and quotes for potential purchase sweaters/shirts.

Olivia moved purchase of approximately 70 hoodie sweaters with new logo, zipper style, plus shipping with a Budget cost of up to $6,000. Motion moved by Olivia, Second by Peter, Andree. Motion carried.


Cost Breakdown; Sweater approx. $50, plus $15 approx. shipping, plus approx. 13% tax = approx. $5,200+/- . This project will come in under the $6,000 budget we approved at the 2020 AGM.


ACTION ITEM: Olivia to start process of getting sizes for all Executives and steward, place order etc.…approx. delivery before next AGM in April.

Also, will add to this purchase 1 sweater for our CP Logo contest winner Jael Potvin.


  1.  Peter - Regional Town Hall interest, ZOOM to members – 

Discussed desire to have at least 3 Regional Town Halls by time zone, Western, Central and East Coast, all executive approved.

ACTION ITEM: Peter to request PIPSC Communications Department to set up the ZOOM townhalls between now and end of April.

  1. - Other – None.

Closing comments – Good meeting, stay safe and healthy.


Next meeting date and time? April 2021.

ACTION ITEM: Peter to request same meeting full day format on a weekday.


Adjournment moved by Peter, second by Lyne Larocque. Carried.


Note:  Action Item: Request draft Minutes translation by PIPSC HQ. - Peter