The Commerce and Purchasing (CP Group) is accepting nominations for 2 vacant positions on the Bargaining Team: 

  • Term from March 2022 to the completion of a tentative agreement. The Bargaining process normally begins after the expiration of the collective agreement of June 21, 2022 and typically takes 18 to 24 months to complete. 
  • During preparations and negotiations, team members will be expected to be in Ottawa for one week for each bargaining session. At all times the local Health Authority regulations will be followed. Throughout an entire negotiation process, there may be up to 12 sessions required to complete the training, preparations and negotiations. 
  • The first bargaining team meeting will be in the week of Apr 4, 2022.

Applicants not selected for the Bargaining team may be selected to be part of the Bargaining Advisory Council.  If you wish to be considered for the Bargaining Advisory Council please indicate so on your application.  The council, which will help shape recommendations for drafting the CP Group bargaining proposal, will meet once, on Saturday May 14th, in Ottawa, (COVID-19 restrictions permitting).  

If you wish to apply only to be considered for the Bargaining Advisory Council, you may do so.  

How to apply

All applications must be submitted using the attached Google Form link by March 18, 2022, at 4:00 PM ET.

This appointment procedure will be administered in accordance with the current CP Group Constitution and By-Laws. By March 25, 2022 the Group Executive will appoint applicants to fill these positions.


For reference: 

As per CP Group By-Laws:

10.2 Bargaining Team

10.2.1 The Group Executive shall appoint a Bargaining Team to act on behalf of the Group in bargaining. The Team will normally consist of four (4) CO representatives, and four (4) PG representatives. The team members will normally remain the same until the signing of the Collective Agreement. The Team shall keep the Group Executive informed of the progress of negotiations and shall receive instructions from the Group Executive.

10.2.2 Only Regular members may serve on the Bargaining Team.


10.11 Advisory Committee

10.11.1 Prior to the commencement of Bargaining, the Advisory Committee shall consult the membership of the Group. Based on the results of the consultation, the Advisory Committee shall make recommendations to be used in contract negotiations with the employer.

10.11.2 The Group Executive shall nominate members of the Advisory Committee from the Executive and the Regular members, while trying to ensure representation from as many regions, departments and specialties (of the members' fields) as possible.


R10.2.2 The Bargaining Team shall normally be established within the three (3) months preceding the expiry of the Collective Agreement. A call for nomination shall be distributed to all Regular members of the Group, at least six (6) weeks prior the closing date for nominations. Nominations must be supported by at least two (2) Regular members of the Group and the nominee must indicate a willingness to be part of the Bargaining Team if selected. Should a regular member of the bargaining team resign or retire prior to the end of bargaining, that member will be immediately replaced by a member of the same classification.

R10.2.7 When possible, when making the selection of the Bargaining Team members, one (1) CO representative and one (1) PG representative should be chosen from members not part of the Group Executive.