The Commerce and Purchasing (CP) 2021 election results have been verified. 567 ballots were cast in the election, resulting in the following candidates being elected to the CP Group executive:

  • Andrée Doucet – President
  • Ray J. Paquette – Vice-President
  • Evangelia Costamis – Treasurer
  • Angela Cowie – B.C./Yukon Regional Representative
  • Vania Tsang – National Capital Regional Representative
  • Elaine Ewers – Ontario Regional Representative
  • Lyne Larocque – Quebec Regional Representative
  • Susan Evans – Atlantic Regional Representative
  • Olivia Leung – Member-at-Large
  • Natalia Kim – Member-at-Large
  • Emily Beckerman – Member-at-Large

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the CP Group executive and thank you to all the candidates. The CP Group relies on the contributions of volunteers to advance the interests of members.

If you have any questions about the election, please contact Tom Kirkpatrick, National Elections Committee Chair, at