AFS HQ Subgroup Executive Meeting Minutes

At Madisons Restaurant, Laurier Street, Ottawa

November 2, 2016

In Attendance: Brian Hassall, Ian Tait, Zul Nanji, Allan Laaksonen, Susan Amog-Hassall, Abraham Garcia, Domingo Chavez, Muhammad Alam, Nick Watson, Art Iwinski, Art McKenzie


Agenda Item Discussion Action
Call to Order Quorum was achieved and Brian Hassall called the meeting to order at 11:55. Brian welcomed the new members elected to the executive Nick Watson and Domingo Chavez.  
Adoption of Agenda Motion to approve agenda by Brian Hassall. Seconded by Zul Nanji. Agenda approved.  
Approval of previous minutes The September 29th AGM meeting minutes were reviewed and discussed. Motion to approve minutes as amended by Allan Laaksonen. Seconded by Nick Watson. The amended minutes were approved. The election report will be attached to the minutes.  
Old Business Arising from prior meeting None –  
New Business    
Financial report The treasurer Zul Nanji a stated that we are in good financial standing. A copy of the financial statements will be sent out once completed for each month transactions. Zul Nanji
AGM Feedback Very positive. Doug Mason was well received. The issue of sick leave is being discussed at PIPSC with the other unions.  
Christmas Dinner There was a discussion about various options for the Christmas meal for the executive. Susan will check the Arome at Casino Lac Leamy. The tentative date is Dec. 3, 2016. Susan and Committee
President’s Report

Brian has met with Lisa Anawati. There was talk of having a joint CPB – ILBIB UMC. The first meeting may be in December but most likely in January.

The HRB UMC was done by conference call. Only branch wide issues were dealt with.

The Volunteer Day grievance was won. CRA is discussing implementation.

On November 15 we will plan another collective coffee break to show support for the bargaining committee.

Motion to provide $500 funding for the coffee break by Brian. / Seconded by Zul. The motion passed.

Bargaining Update Ian stated that there were no changes to the employers offer. The sick leave is being sorted out with all the unions. The personal day issue is being sorted out by CRA. There are some changes such as for staffing such as there is no recourse for a TLM or PLM until they are challenged. The October AFS newsletter is out and he recommended that we look at it. Ian
Round Table

Brian thanked Art Iwinski for his help with the collective coffee breaks.

A mobilization committee will be developed.

Zul suggested some appreciation gifts for the executive. He will send the motion and suggestions by email. This will be discussed further. No approval at this meeting.

Motion to adjourn Motion to adjourn by Brian. Seconded by Susan. Passed. Meeting adjourned at 12:25  
Next meeting An email will be sent out determining availability at a location to be determined.