AFS-SG HQ-Executive Meeting

Date: January 30, 2019

Location: Festival of Japan-149 Kent St, Ottawa, ON K1P 5P3

Present: Susan Amog-Hassall, Abraham Garcia, Muhammad Alam, Nick Watson, Michael Patterson, Chris Patterson, Domingo Chavez, April Chen, Jyoti Tanotra, Andra Weis and Brian Hassall

Regrets: Art Iwinski

Item / Discussion / Action

Call to Order

Susan announced quorum and called the meeting to order at 5:00PM.

Agenda was handed out


Previous Minutes

Minutes of the previous executive meeting was sent out electronically.

No further comments

Moved by Nick and seconded by Michael that the minutes be accepted. Carried

Nick / Michael

Financial Position/Allocation for 2019

Nick reported on the Financials. The subgroup has a surplus from last year. It has a healthy bank balance starting the year.

Brian suggested that the subgroup consider visibility events such as the “Do Better” campaign in support of bargaining.

Abe suggested that the subgroup request reimbursement on the executive meetings from PIPSC Finance in accordance with Sub-group policy.

Chris added some comments on the financials.

A more comprehensive format will be used to present to the membership at the AGM.

Nick / Abraham

President’s Report

Susan reported on the Branch UMC (Union Management Committee).


She proposed that the subgroup do the “Do Better” campaign event on Wednesday, Feb. 6th. One table at Minto and one at Place de Ville.

Susan requested $XX funding for the event. It was moved by Abraham and seconded by Muhammad to fund the “Do Better” event. Carried.

Chris, Nick and Mike volunteered to man the table at Place de Ville. Domingo, April, Susan and Lee Cunningham (volunteer) will man the table at Minto.

Susan reminded everyone that Regional Council is May 3-4. Call letter will be coming out soon.  Sign up quickly to secure a spot in the event.

Abraham / Muhammad

Chief Steward/ Advisor Report Union Management Approach(UMA)

Brian reported on the progress of bargaining.  September update is on line. December meeting was cancelled, and the next meeting coming up is in February.

EWSP – Brian has nothing to report on this item

UMA – AFS signed off on UMA. One committee altogether for the Agency. Training will be rolled out: 1 half-day in-class and online training.

AFS AGM is June 7-9. It will be in Winnipeg and coincides with 100th anniversary of the Winnipeg General Strike. Core executives are going. Also chosen to attend are April, Domingo and Andra.


Cases discussions

There was some time allotted to discuss some cases being handled by the executives.


AFS-SG Planning events for the year

There will be on-going planning for the events throughout the year.


Round table

Andra requested some calendars for the membership.



Nick moved that the meeting be adjourned at 6:03PM