On November 8, 2021, the CRA announced its new COVID-19 vaccination policy and implementation guide. This policy has made COVID-19 vaccination a new condition of employment. 


Please review the policy to understand how it could affect you. The documents are only accessible internally through CRA’s InfoZone.


You may have already received an email asking you to attest to your vaccination status by November 26. If you’re vaccinated and willing to attest, it’s a very quick process assuming that you have your vaccination dates handy.


The employer has taken the position that employees will be placed on administrative leave without pay if they are unwilling to be fully vaccinated, or if they are unwilling to attest to their vaccination status.


If you believe that you are entitled to an accommodation, then you should make such a request as soon as possible before November 26. 


The policy allows for accommodations in a few specific cases:

  • a certified medical contraindication
  • religion
  • another prohibited ground for discrimination under the Canadian Human Rights Act


If your request for accommodation is unreasonably denied, PIPSC employment relations experts will be able to review your individual case and offer you recommendations. Please use this special vaccination help form to request help only after your accommodation request has been denied.

Please refer to our FAQ page if you have any questions. We’ll be updating it regularly as we learn more.


PIPSC will continue to provide advice, guidance and representation to each PIPSC member on this issue.


In solidarity,


Doug Mason
AFS President, PIPSC