Recent announcements about the possible transfer of workload from CRA to Revenu Québec have created an atmosphere of uncertainty for many of our dedicated AFS members.

We are proud of our AFS members who have the knowledge and experience to address international, scientific research and development, tax avoidance and other complex tax matters.

The proposed changes would impact our AFS members in Québec and those who provide support for our Québec operations.  Among other impacts, IT development work done in Québec would be transferred out of the province directly resulting in the loss of skilled jobs in Québec.

Our AFS members, like our UTE colleagues, are equipped to administer all taxes for Québec as we do for every other province and territory in Canada.  If taxpayers are concerned about efficiency and effectiveness then the work should be done by CRA.

Canadians care about tax fairness. They don’t want to see international or domestic tax evasion erode our ability to fund public services while they pay their fair share of tax. This proposal would cause a loss of expertise in fighting tax evasion.

AFS members stand in solidarity with their colleagues at the UTE and oppose this proposal. Supporting this transfer would be a step backwards for tax fairness.

We urge all the parties involved to seriously consider whether the proposed changes to tax administration for Québec make sense.

In solidarity,

Doug Mason

AFS President