From the President …

As we near the end of 2018, we can be thankful for many things. After several years of frustration, we ratified a new collective agreement and began work on classification reform. 

Of course, the last round of bargaining just finished in time to start getting ready for the next one.  Your bargaining team has worked very hard to prepare fully for bargaining to minimize any delays in getting to a new collective agreement. We can assure you that, if management comes with a fair mandate for our AFS members, we will not delay in getting to a new deal that’s fair for all of our AFS members.

I also want to share my appreciation for all of the work done by our AFS colleagues across Canada to support our taxation system that provides most of the revenues to fund critical programs and needed support for Canadians.  We can all be proud of our work.

All the best for your health and happiness over the holidays and for the upcoming year.

Doug Mason,

AFS President

From the Editor …

Welcome to our AFS Newsletter.  We hope that you enjoy this edition and look forward to receiving your comments and suggestions for future content.  This newsletter includes articles on the PIPSC AGM, PIPSC National Elections, Recommitment to the Union Management Approach PIPSC 100th Anniversary, Public Service Dental Care Plan and Bargaining.  The newsletter concludes with important upcoming dates and AFS contact information.

Manny Costain,

AFS Secretary and Newsletter Editor


The 99th annual PIPSC Annual General Meeting, the supreme governing body of the Institute was held at the Hilton Lac Leamy, November 2-3, 2018.

The night prior to the start of the AGM, AFS delegates attended a meeting to review the AGM resolutions.

The AGM certainly had an AFS flavour at the head table with current AFS member Marilyn Best and recently retired and former AFS member Richard East co-chairing the event.  Friday morning began with guest speaker Steve Kreisberg, Director, Research and Collective Bargaining for the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME). He discussed how Unions are under attack in the US and that 27 US states are now “right to work” (actually right to work for less) states.  Private sector union density in the US is now down below 10%.  Public Sector Unions are much stronger so they are facing the brunt of the attacks but have been rejuvenated by reaching out to and reconnecting with their members.

Debi Daviau gave her President’s address; took some questions from the delegates; and then we received a presentation on Professionals Canada, a proposed new organization to support non-unionized professionals.

Friday afternoon continued with the presentation and debate of several PIPSC bylaw amendments.  The highlight of the afternoon was the presentation of the service awards and life member award.  AFS member Doug Mason was recognized for his tireless work by receiving the Institute Service Award.  Brian Hassall was recognized for his contributions to the Institute by receiving the Institute Life Member Award.

On Saturday morning we continued debate on resolutions and the presentations of the NCR, Quebec and Atlantic Stewards of the Year.  In the afternoon the presentations of the Ontario, Prairie/NWT and BC/Yukon Stewards of the Year took place.  On an AFS note, the Prairie Region Steward of the Year winner was Mary Stewart an AFS Steward from Edmonton.  Following those presentations, debate of resolutions continued and the proposal to create Professionals Canada was referred to the Board of Directors for consultations.  Late in the afternoon motions to refer the remaining resolutions were proposed and carried.  The AGM wrapped up with the presentation of the Legacy Cup (for financial support to the Legacy Foundation) awarded to the BC/Yukon Region; President Debi Daviau making her final remarks; and the results of the Institute National Elections being announced.

Overall, it was an eventful and interesting AGM.

Marilyn Best and Scott McConaghy

Marilyn Best, PIPSC AGM Co-Chair and Scott McConaghy, PIPSC AGM Parliamentarian during the proceedings

PIPSC National Elections

The PIPSC National Elections concluded on November 2nd with the results provided at the close of the PIPSC AGM on November 3rd.  The term of each board member is 3 years beginning January 1, 2019.  Congratulations to the successful candidates.  To the Board members leaving thank you for your service to the Institute.

Recommitment to Union Management Approach

On May 14, 2018 the Unions and Management joined together to renew their commitment to the Union Management Approach (UMA).  The Union-Management philosophy is based on:

  • equality;
  • mutual trust and respect;
  • to be constructive, fair, sensitive, and courteous;
  • facilitate constructive decision making and problem solving at the lowest possible level; and
  • knowledge and mutual respect of legislation and national union-management policies and understanding of the functions and objectives of each  party.

As part of the recommitment the UMA training has been revised.  There are now 3 components of the training:

  • UMA 101 – Union Management Philosophy is an online course available through ESS once the participant has registered.
  • UMA 102 is a series of online courses from the Canada School of the Public Service available through ESS once the participant has registered.  The online courses are: Communication Basics, Negotiation Essentials: Communication, and Conflict Management
  • UMA 103 – Union Management Approach Facilitated Workshop is an in-person relationship building workshop and pulse check of union-management interactions.

The targeted audience for the UMA training is all levels of management and stewards, especially those newly appointed to their roles. Some may have already completed some components or older version of the training and as a result, they may not be required to re-do all three components of the training. At their discretion, Regions and Branches may recommend managers to take refreshers of the training. Stewards are also invited to take refreshers should they so choose.  UMA participation is highly recommended and its objective is one that is championed by both the Unions and Management.

signing ceremony

Doug Mason, AFS Group President,  Bob Hamilton, CRA Commissioner, Nancy Chahwan, CRA Deputy Commissioner and Marc Briere, UTE President at the signing ceremony.

Public Service Dental Care Plan (PSDCP)

In October 2018 the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) won several improvements to the plan as part of an arbitration award.  The improvements take effect January 1, 2019.  The Institute is negotiating for the same improvements plus additional ones.  The parties have agreed to pursue negotiations for additional improvements beyond January 1, 2019 on condition that our component of the PSDCP is granted the same award as the PSAC as of January 1, 2019.

The annual maximum for routine and major services will increase from $1,700 to $2,000 on January 1, 2019, $2,250 on January 1, 2020 and $2,500 on January 1, 2021.

Additionally, as of January 1, 2019, the following changes will be made to the plan:

  • Dental implants will be covered. Implants had been partially covered by deeming them to be another procedure (i.e. bridge or denture). This would often lead to gaps in (or problems with) coverage. They are now covered in their own right.
  • Coverage for replacement fillings for children will be possible 12 months after the initial filling was done (instead of 24).
  • Congenitally missing teeth will be covered until age 21 (up from 19).
  • Coverage during suspensions is improved.
  • An allowable break in service to become eligible for the plan is extended from 5 to 7 days. Ability to have coverage for extra scaling approved retroactively. Currently, this may only be approved going forward.

The Employer did achieve some concessions but they are minor in nature.  These are:

  • Charges for oral hygiene instructions will now be limited to once per lifetime per adult (and remain once per year for children).
  • Coverage is eliminated for minor issues such as:
    • The assistance of a second oral surgeon.
    • Dental professional peer consultation.
    • Trauma control if done at the same time as treatment for caries or pain control.
    • Enlargement of the canal or pulp chamber as a part of dental treatment separate from doing a root canal.

PIPSC 100th Anniversary

PIPSC will be celebrating the 100th anniversary in 2020.  Each region will have their own PIPSC 100th anniversary champion.  

There will be an anniversary celebrations up to the 2020 PIPSC AGM.  Constituent bodies will be requested to acknowledge the anniversary as part of their constituent body events. 

The book, Serving the State, documenting the first fifty years of PIPSC history has now been stored in a digital format.  PIPSC 100th anniversary toolkits have been created including PowerPoint presentations to present the history of PIPSC to the membership.

The Legacy foundation is also investigating providing 100th anniversary scholarships to post-secondary students. 

More information on the 100th anniversary will be coming out over the coming months.

100th logo

The PIPSC 100th anniversary logo


Your AFS Bargaining Team is back at the bargaining table with the Employer after just completing the signing of the current collective agreement back in March.  Proposals were exchanged in October and both parties presented their demands during the October 10th to 12th bargaining session.  Your AFS Bargaining Team met again with the Employer November 6th to 8th and made several presentations to the Employer on issues raised by members.  Future dates have been set for December, February, March and April.  Your AFS Bargaining Team is committed to achieving a fair and timely deal for all of our AFS professionals.

Important Dates

December 18-20, 2018

  • AFS Bargaining with the Employer

January 26, 2019

  • AFS Executive Meeting

February 12-14, 2019

  • AFS Bargaining with the Employer

March 19-21, 2019

  • AFS Bargaining with the Employer

April 11, 2019

  • National Union Management Consultation Meeting

April 30 – May 2, 2019

  • AFS Bargaining with the Employer

Your AFS Group Executive

Doug Mason

Vice-President/Atlantic Regional Representative:
Chris Roach

Secretary/CS Regional Representative:
Emmanuel “Manny” Costain

Treasurer/Ontario Regional Representative:
Shawn Gillis

CS National Consultation Representative:
Mark Muench

Quebec Regional Representative:
Steve Parent

Headquarters Regional Representative:
Brian Hassall

NCR IT Regional Representative:
Allaudin Alibhai

Toronto Regional Representative:
Al Ravjiani

Prairie/NWT Regional Representative:
Robert Trudeau

BC/Yukon Regional Representative:
Phil Choo

PIPSC Staff Resources for the AFS Group

PIPSC National Office:
Local:  613-228-6310
Toll Free:  1-800-267-0446

AFS Negotiator:
Jean-Paul Leduc
Local: 613-228-6310 (extension 4736)
Toll Free: 1-800-267-0446 (extension 4736)

AFS Administrative Assistant:
Natalie Bélanger
Local: 613-228-6310 (extension 4734)
Toll Free: 1-800-267-0446 (extension 4734)