Dear AFS Members,

Your AFS Executive members recently participated in a Positive Space Awareness LGBTQ2+ training session.  The session was informative and an excellent opportunity to exchange thoughts on how we all support an open healthy work environment for everyone.

Canada is recognized as a leader in LGBTQ2+ human rights.  Discrimination based on sex, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation are prohibited by federal and provincial legislation. Unfortunately, many gender and/or sexually diverse people continue to experience discrimination, harassment and even violence in Canada.

The Positive Space initiative is an effort to create a safe, welcoming and respectful workplace for all CRA employees. It allows members of the LGBTQ2+ community to feel comfortable and accepted in an open-minded CRA community.

It’s important for AFS stewards to be aware of the issues facing our LBGTQ2+ colleagues in order to provide the best support for all AFS members. We strongly encourage all AFS stewards to take the Positive Space training and to become a Positive Space Ambassador if they wish to take a more active role.

If you are interested in receiving Positive Space training, please request approval from your supervisor.

In solidarity,

Doug Mason
AFS President
On behalf of the AFS Executive