June 5, 2019 AFS Executive Meeting

Present: Doug Mason (President), Mark Muench (Vice President & CS National Consultation Representative), Chris Roach (Atlantic Regional Representative), Steve Parent (Quebec), Phil Choo (BC / Yukon), Robert Trudeau (Prairies/NWT), Brian Hassall (HQ), Allaudin Alibhai (NCR IT), Shawn Gillis (Ontario), Manny Costain (CS Regional Representative and Recording Secretary), and Al Ravjiani (Toronto).

Staff: Vance Coulas (Negotiator), Jean-Paul Leduc (Negotiator)

Executive Meeting Précis – April 28, 2019

The précis for the April 28th executive meeting was approved as amended and will be sent for translation and posting.

Review of Action Items

Doug led a review of the action items.

Financial Update

Shawn led the Executive in a review of the current financials.  Last year’s financials have been sent to our reviewer.  A motion to approve the draft 2020 budget for presentation at the AFS AGM was approved.

AFS Tentative Agreement Ratification

The Executive set their plans for the ratification sessions and voting on the tentative agreement. 


The Executive reviewed the agendas, resolutions, and administrative matters for the Presidents meeting and the AGM.

Staffing Redesign

The Executive discussed the concerns with the upcoming changes to staffing that the Employer is implementing.  It was quite clear that any suggestions from the Unions were not taken seriously.  Due to this it was decided that the AFS Group would leave the committee.

AFS Planning Meeting

Annual planning meeting for the AFS Group is scheduled for August 28th in Wakefield, QC.

2020 National Union Management Consultation Committee Dates

The Executive chose the dates for the 2020 National Union Management Consultation Committee Meetings.  They will be on April 23rd and October 22nd


The Executive discussed various mobilization ideas and events during the current round of bargaining.  It was also discussed what worked well and what did not.

Phil Choo (BC / Yukon Representative)

Phil was thanked for his outstanding service to the AFS Group and its members.  A PIPSC union steward for 25 years, Phil served on his Subgroup and Branch executives since 2000, and has since 2015 served as our BC / Yukon AFS Representative. Although Phil took on many tasks for our AFS Group, his work in resolving hundreds of Phoenix compensation issues has to be singled out for its positive impact. Phil will be retiring this summer and we wish him a long, happy and healthy retirement. 

Next Executive Meeting

The next AFS Executive meeting will be August 29, 2019 in conjunction with the AFS Planning Meeting.