The AFS (Audit, Financial and Scientific - CRA) Group executive is seeking nominations for the position of president.

Submit your nomination by April 16, 2021 at 12:00 PM ET using the form below.

Members are encouraged to participate in this union leadership opportunity, especially if they identify as a member of an equity-seeking group.

The nomination and election process is governed by our Group bylaws.

As a member of the group executive, your role is to:

  • further the professional interests of the members
  • protect the status and standards of our profession
  • represent the views of the members on matters affecting them
  • ensure that the interests of the Group are represented in all proceedings of the employer and of the union

This is a voluntary role. The Group Executive shall meet as frequently as is required, but at least twice a year. 

Please note that in response to the prohibition on in-person meetings, if requested, we will be sending one campaign email from each candidate out to voters two weeks after the voters kit is sent out on May 10, 2021. We will require the candidate’s email content (maximum 300 words for english, 350 for french) be submitted to us by May 14, 2021 to allow for translation. The candidate campaign emails will be sent on May 24, 2021, two weeks prior to the deadline to submit ballots.