At the request of the AFS Group Elections Committee and as per PIPSC By-Law, the PIPSC National Elections committee is conducting the 2020 AFS Group elections to the National AFS Group Executive. As per AFS Group By-Law 7.5.2 - the year after the year divisible by three (3), elections will be held for the following Officers:

  • Headquarters Regional Representative
  • Toronto Regional Representative
  • Quebec Regional Representative
  • Prairies/Northwest Territories Regional Representative
  • CS Regional Representative 


The AFS Group By-Laws are available on the PIPSC website. The By-Laws include the Regulations referenced.

AFS Group By-Law 7.4.1: “Because all members of the Group and Sub-Group Executive are required to consult with the employer on behalf of the members, then, to be a candidate or remain an Officer, the person must be a member and must be or become a Steward.” Only Regular members in good standing are eligible.

R7.2.2.2 To be a candidate or vote for or to remain an AFS Regional Representative, the member must be employed in that Region.

R7.2.2.4 To be a candidate for the CS Regional Representative position, the member must be substantively classified as a CS member and not part of the NCR IT Region. To vote for the CS Regional Representative position, the member must be classified as a CS member and not part of the NCR IT Region.


  • The duties of the AFS Group Executive are listed as part of AFS By-Law 6.10.
  • All AFS National Executive members require a personal time commitment to perform their duties. This regularly includes unpaid time for meetings on evenings and weekends.
  • Personal (non-work) email addresses and phone numbers are published to the AFS Group members for all AFS National Executive members.
  • Please refer to the AFS Elections Code of Conduct. Since these elections are being conducted by the PIPSC National Elections Committee, all references to the AFS Elections Committee in the ‘Code of Conduct’ apply to the PIPSC National Elections Committee.
  • NEW: Please note that in response to the prohibition on in person meetings, if requested, we will be sending one campaign email from each candidate out to voters two weeks after the voters kit is sent out on August 14, 2020. We will require the candidate’s email (max 300 words) be submitted to us by August 19, 2020 to allow for translation. The candidate campaign emails will be sent on August 26, 2020, two weeks prior to the deadline to submit ballots. 
  • NEW: Please note that in agreement with the AFS Executive, we will be using the National Elections Committee Rules for this election.

How to submit a nomination form

The official nomination form is attached to this call and shall be completed accurately. Instructions are on the nomination form. The Elections Committee shall scrutinize the nominations for eligibility and, if necessary, arrange for ballots to be distributed to all members eligible to vote in the election. Only scanned copies of completed nomination forms (.pdf files) and biographies in MS Word format will be accepted. The deadline for receipt of nomination documents, by email, is 30- JULY-2020 at 5:00 PM EDT. Voter’s Kits will be distributed on 14-AUGUST-2020 with a deadline for return of ballots as close-of-business on 8-SEPTEMBER 2020 at 12:01 PM EDT.

National Elections Committee:
Thomas Kirkpatrick (Chair)
Leslie Hill
Zul Nanji
Christopher L’Estrange
Nancy Lavoie
Mladen Komnenic
Patrick Provost