Dear AFS members,

The AFS Bargaining Team shared our AFS specific pay proposals electronically with the Employer on January 26, 2019. We took this unusual step to give the Employer every opportunity to obtain a mandate and respond meaningfully when we meet on February 12 to 14.

We will make detailed  presentations to explain the justifications for our pay demands during these same meetings.

For transparency, we will post all of our pay demands as part of bargaining update following our February bargaining session.

Our non-pay demands have already been prioritized to facilitate productive discussions on the top matters of concern to AFS members. This prioritizing was based on our AFS member bargaining survey and meetings with our local subgroup presidents.

All of these actions support our stated commitment to reach a fair collective agreement for our members in a timely fashion.

The Employer’s response will demonstrate whether they share this commitment.

Thanks to all of our AFS members and stewards for their support.

Better Together

AFS Bargaining Team

Doug Mason, Chair

Allaudin Alibhai

Phil Choo

Manny Costain

Shawn Gillis

Brian Hassall

Mark Muench

Steve Parent

Al Ravjiani

Chris Roach

Robert Trudeau

Jean-Paul Leduc, PIPSC Negotiator

Vance Coulas, PIPSC Negotiator

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