The AFS Group served notice to bargain with the employer on August 22, 2018.

We have also agreed on our first bargaining dates, October 10 to 12, and November 6 to 8.

In preparation for bargaining, our AFS Bargaining Team reviewed unresolved bargaining demands from previous rounds; collective agreement settlements; issues brought to our attention by members; and published bargaining demands. AFS members were surveyed this spring for their bargaining concerns and our AFS subgroup presidents met in June to prioritize our bargaining demands.

Our bargaining demands, along with the employer’s bargaining demands, will be published once they are exchanged with the employer.

Better Together
AFS Bargaining Team


Doug Mason, Chair
Allaudin Alibhai
Phil Choo
Manny Costain
Shawn Gillis
Brian Hassall
Steve Parent
Al Ravjiani
Chris Roach
Robert Trudeau
Mark Muench
Jean-Paul Leduc, PIPSC Negotiator

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