The AFS Bargaining Team met with senior CRA officials on Thursday, March 29th to sign the new AFS Collective Agreement and bring it into force.  This collective agreement runs from December 22, 2014 to December 21, 2018.

We are pleased that this new agreement introduces numerous improvements to our members’ rights and brings in long awaited pay increases for all of our AFS members.

We will be holding regular meetings with CRA management to receive updates on the implementation of the collective agreement and ensure that deadlines are met.

Thanks to all of our AFS members and stewards for their support throughout this long process.

Doug Mason

AFS President

On behalf of the AFS Bargaining Team


Nancy Chahwan, Deputy Commissioner, CRA; Debi Daviau, President, PIPSC; Doug Mason, President and bargaining team chair, AFS Group

Seated: Robert Trudeau, AFS; Chris Roach, AFS Doug Mason, President and bargaining team chair, AFS Group; Bob Hamilton, Commissioner, CRA; Nancy Chahwan, Deputy Commissioner, CRA; Dan Couture, Assistant Commissioner, HRB, CRA.
Standing: Brian Hassall, AFS; Jean-Paul Leduc, negotiator, AFS; Todd Burke, negotiator, CRA; Sean Gillis, AFS; Emmanuel Costain, AFS; Marc Bellavance, negotiator, CRA; Mark Muench, AFS; Steve Parent, AFS; Janet Legge, Senior Program and Policies Analyst, CRA; John Tepelenas, CRA; Maggie Trudel-Maggiore, Director, WRCD, CRA; Peter Dawe, CRA; Al Ravjiani, AFS; Narrin Gill, CRA; Janice Laird, CRA; Philip Choo, AFS; Marc Butler, CRA; Ann Marie Hume, Deputy Assistant Commissioner, Human Resources Branch, CRA; Allaudin Alibhai, AFS.