Your AFS Bargaining Team met with CRA management from April 30 to May 3 to continue negotiations to renew our collective agreement.

Both sides reviewed options; proposed solutions; discussed their pros and cons; and made progress towards improving workplace flexibilities for all AFS members. It is worth noting again that our members identified flexible work arrangements as their top non-pay concern. 

The session ended with our presentation of a comprehensive set of improvements to workplace flexibilities that would benefit our members without any sacrifice in service to Canadians.

We are hopeful that both CRA management and Treasury Board will seriously consider our proposal to move towards a better workplace for our current and future AFS members.

We have one more round of bargaining scheduled for May 22 to 24.  After that, we anticipate that the writ will be dropped for the Federal Election and the finalization of a tentative agreement will be delayed until after the fall election. It remains our goal and purpose to resolve our priorities to reach an agreement in a timely manner.

Thanks to all of our AFS members and stewards for their support.

AFS Bargaining Team:

Doug Mason (Chair), Allaudin Alibhai, Phil Choo, Manny Costain, Shawn Gillis, Brian Hassall, Mark Muench, Steve Parent, Al Ravjiani, Chris Roach, Robert Trudeau, Jean-Paul Leduc (PIPSC Negotiator), Vance Coulas (PIPSC Negotiator)

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