AFS Group - Bargaining Update #6

Your AFS Bargaining Team met with CRA management February 12 to 15 to continue negotiations to renew our collective agreement.

We provided specific contract wording for all of our placeholders including our AFS specific pay demands as noted below. In spite of promises to provide specific proposals for all of their placeholders, the Employer did not provide any formal proposals. For many of these items, the Employer did not provide any details for what they might propose.  To expedite bargaining, we believe that issues should be dropped if they are not important enough to present.

We did reach agreement on updating our non-discrimination clause to reflect current wording in the Canadian Human Rights Act.

As promised in our last bargaining update, these are our AFS specific pay proposals:

  • 4 percent market adjustment effective December 22, 2018 to reduce the gap between AFS professionals and comparable professionals outside of the CRA
  • 0.5 percent pay relativity adjustment effective December 22, 2018 to restore pay relativity with employees represented by PSAC at the CRA
  • $2,500 increment to the top of the AU-3 pay table effective December 22, 2018 to correct significant inequities in the AU pay tables between the top of the AU-2 and AU-3 pay tables and between the top of the AU-3 and AU-4 pay tables
  • AU-7 pay table to allow for higher level positions to be introduced to resolve increasingly more complex tax avoidance and international tax issues
  • revisions to the Actuarial (AC) pay notes for the current examination program
  • allowance for Psychologists (PS) consistent with those provided in the core public service
  • all periods of acting at the same or higher occupational group and level to count towards acting increments
  • cumulative acting pay to count towards permanent pay increments

In addition to the above pay proposals, a general economic increase is part of the negotiations at the PIPSC Central Table.

We continue to encourage the employer to table their written demands (or withdraw them) so that we can move towards reaching an agreement in a timely manner.  We are scheduled to meet again on March 19 to 21.

Thanks to all of our AFS members and stewards for their support.

AFS Bargaining Team:

Doug Mason (Chair), Allaudin Alibhai, Phil Choo, Manny Costain, Shawn Gillis, Brian Hassall, Mark Muench, Steve Parent, Al Ravjiani, Chris Roach, Robert Trudeau, Jean-Paul Leduc (PIPSC Negotiator), Vance Coulas (PIPSC Negotiator)

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