The AFS Bargaining Team met with CRA on November 6th to 8th to continue negotiations to renew our collective agreement.

We made several detailed presentations and provided additional information on a number of topics but the employer was unable to respond to our AFS members’ issues.

The employer has committed to respond to our members’ concerns at our next meeting scheduled for the 18th to 20th of December.

We are ready to have meaningful discussions at the table to complete negotiations without delay.

Better Together

AFS Bargaining Team

  • Doug Mason, Chair
  • Allaudin Alibhai
  • Phil Choo
  • Manny Costain
  • Shawn Gillis
  • Brian Hassall
  • Mark Muench
  • Steve Parent
  • Al Ravjiani
  • Chris Roach
  • Robert Trudeau
  • Jean-Paul Leduc, PIPSC Negotiator
  • Vance Coulas, PIPSC Negotiator

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