Your AFS Bargaining Team met with the Employer for the seventh time on June 27 to 29 to continue negotiations to renew our collective agreement.

The Employer responded to our April pay demands with a monetary proposal. The Employer’s proposal does not meet the economic needs of our members. It also fell short of the PSAC-UTE settlement. However, it did provide us with a starting point as we enter the serious stage of negotiations.

To move bargaining forward, we presented the Agency with a comprehensive proposal to settle our collective agreement dealing with all remaining issues including pay.

Much work has been done as we negotiate a new collective agreement that meets the needs and priorities of our AFS members. This week’s work moves us forward on the path to a negotiated settlement.

Whether the path to a new contract is short or long depends on the willingness of CRA to recognize the value of the contributions made by our over 16,000 professional employees in the AFS Group.

We are prepared for the hard work required to finalize our agreement. To that end, our AFS bargaining team will be meeting with PIPSC staff regarding the next stages in our bargaining. See stages below.

We have scheduled bargaining sessions for July 19 to 21 and September 13 to 15 (if necessary).

To keep up to date on bargaining developments, please provide your non-work email to PIPSC. You can update your information here.

We also encourage our members to join our Facebook group. 

In solidarity,

Doug Mason
AFS President, PIPSC

AFS Bargaining Team:

Doug Mason, Chair
Shawn Gillis, Vice-Chair
Allaudin Alibhai
Simon Chiu
Jean Couillard
Pam Kubicz
Mary Lycett
Susanna Moretta
Dan Quinn
Al Ravjiani
Chris Roach
Vance Coulas, Negotiator

AFS Bargaining Status Summary

  • Survey Members for Bargaining Demands – completed
  • Finalization of Bargaining Demands – completed
  • Serving of Notice to Bargain – completed
  • Exchange of Bargaining Demands – completed
  • Negotiations to Achieve Tentative Agreement – in progress
  • Establishment of National Strike Committee – in progress
  • Identification of Local Strike Captains – if necessary
  • Distribution of Strike Manuals to Stewards – if necessary
  • Essential Services Agreement – review for updates
  • Public Interest Commission Report – if necessary
  • Membership Strike Vote – if necessary
  • Strike Action – if necessary
  • Tentative Agreement (TA) – goal
  • Bargaining Unit Ratification Vote – after TA Reached