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Your bargaining team met briefly with the company this morning (2018 June 20). Prior to meeting today, the company had discussed our proposal internally with the senior executive. The company informed us that they were unwilling to negotiate further and suggested that negotiations move to conciliation. We agreed to make a joint application for conciliation to the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service.

Our proposal sought to provide competitive compensation for our membership, while the company’s mandate seeks to reduce it.  

Conciliation Process

So what happens once we go into conciliation?

Once a Conciliator is appointed, the parties will meet to continue negotiations with the assistance of the conciliator. The conciliator is mandated to push the parties (a little bit) to reach a deal. The possible outcomes of conciliation are as follows:

a) A tentative agreement between the Company and CRPEG

b) A decision to continue to negotiate

c) No tentative deal, continued impasse and possible workplace action or lock-out

We will inform you when a conciliator has been appointed and the next meetings have been scheduled.

CRPEG Executive

Working Together For The Public Good


CRPEG Executive

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