Canadians will continue overspending on medication due to government inaction

More than 5 years after the federal government promised action on drug pricing, it’s time to end the delays.

We’re calling on the federal government to move forward with new regulations on patent medication pricing. Canadians, including Public Service Health Care Plan members, continue to pay exorbitant prices for their medication until these regulations are implemented.

President Debi Daviau wrote to Health Minister Patty Hajdu to remind the government of how important this issue is to PIPSC members.


The regulatory review should have been implemented in 2020. Due to political inaction, the rules will come into force in 2022 at the earliest, a needless delay.

PIPSC members, many of whom work in health care, know how important it is to access required medication at a fair price. With tighter regulations on drug pricing, Canadians will pay less for their medication, a change that will be especially important to families without private health care plans.

Regulating prescription medication pricing is a first step in the right direction. Next, we need a national pharmacare program, so that no one has to choose between their medication and their groceries.

7 February 2023
On January 30, 2023 PIPSC President Jennifer Carr, accompanied by Jordan McAuley, our specialist on outsourcing, testified before the House of Common Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates (OGGO) about the now-infamous McKinsey contracts awarded by the federal government.

16 January 2023
Any return to office policy must “consider the nature of each department’s work and the services they provide to Canadians.” Those are Treasury Board President Mona Fortier’s own words, and we urge her to heed them, said presidents of PIPSC and CAPE in an opinion letter published in The Ottawa Citizen.

4 January 2023
The New Year is here and I want to take this opportunity to sincerely wish you all the very best in 2023. Our challenges can definitely lead to positive outcomes for our members.

3 November 2022
On October 28, 2022 President Carr met for the first time with Revenue Minister Diane Lebouthillier to discuss a number of important issues that affect our members, public services and Canadian taxpayers.

2 November 2022
On October 24, 2022 President Jennifer Carr appeared before the House of Commons Standing Committee on Government Operations and Estimates (OGGO) to discuss the nefarious effects of outsourcing on our members, public services and Canadian taxpayers.

1 November 2022
PIPSC President Jennifer Carr urges all Canadians to stand in solidarity with their fellow workers at CUPE.