President's Reports

26 October 2023
In my role as President, my primary focus this year has been on key priority areas that align ensuring PIPSC is a member-centric organization prepared to address the forthcoming challenges.

20 October 2022
As your President, I have focused this year on key priority areas that reflect my vision of PIPSC as a member-oriented organization ready to tackle the challenges ahead.

8 October 2021
Through triumphs and challenges, our union has proved again that we are better together even when we are two metres apart.

2 November 2020
We are here for Canadians and we’re here for each other. No matter the challenge.

4 October 2019
I am proud of our union. We are unified and strong – and we have seen 100 years of results.

28 September 2018
When I look back at our accomplishments over the past year, I’m pleased to see how many were the result of deliberate, long-term planning – not only prior to 2018 but also prior to the last federal election.

20 October 2017
Canadians have the most effective public service in the world, says a new international study.[1] I’m not surprised. Working with public service professionals, I know just how valuable our members are to Canadians.

29 August 2017
Fellow members, Earlier this year, I had the privilege of attending, along with some thirty PIPSC delegates, the 28th Constitutional Convention of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC), in Toronto.

13 October 2016
Fellow Members,