Scott Brison’s departure is a loss for Canada’s public service

Fellow members,

Like many Canadians, I was sorry to learn yesterday that Treasury Board President and Minister of Digital Government Scott Brison is leaving Cabinet and will not be seeking re-election later this year.

I have the utmost respect for Scott and for his accomplishments during his tenure as one of Canada’s most senior ministers. He always brought thoughtfulness, a desire to work collaboratively and a sense of humour to our discussions. Some of his first words to me were: “We won't always agree, but we don't have to be disagreeable about it" - and he always lived up to that principle.

I remember how impressed I was when he agreed to speak at our 2016 Annual General Meeting after his appointment to Cabinet.  But he wasn’t just a skillful politician and public speaker. He was an accomplished administrator, and his arrival on the scene set a new tone of respect for public servants and for bargaining agents. As President of the Treasury Board, his work on Diversity and Inclusion, Pay Equity, Employee Wellness and a new streamlined collective bargaining Protocol (amongst other key issues) helped restore a more confident and effective public service. As Minister of Digital Government, he helped make federal services more accessible for all Canadians. Nobody ever doubted his competence or his commitment to the country.

Debi Daviau & Scott Brison


The Institute looks forward to enjoying a continued productive and collaborative relationship with the next Treasury Board President - especially with the round of bargaining currently underway and the work to replace Phoenix. 

On behalf of our 60,000 PIPSC members, I would like to wish Scott all the best in his future endeavours with Max and their beautiful twin girls. He will be missed.


Debi Daviau,

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