Fighting for Pension Protection at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories

Protecting the pensions of our members is a top priority at PIPSC. That’s why over the last year we have been fighting so hard to ensure our members at Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL) remain in the Public Service Pension Plan. The Harper government removed nuclear workers from the public pension plan without consultation or discussion.  As we all know, employees at CNL have been integral to the development of safe, medical isotopes to diagnose and treat disease.

Along with other unions representing workers at CNL, PIPSC has banded together to form The Canadian Alliance of Nuclear Workers (CANW). This group, of which CRPEG President Jonathan Fitzpatrick is an active member, has been lobbying hard to keep members in the plan. They have also launched a targeted web and social media campaign to gain support for their work and to pressure key decision makers.

In short, all that our members are asking for is what was unfairly taken from them.  It’s time that the Prime Minister reverse the ideologically-motivated decisions of his predecessor and treat the staff of Canada’s federally operated nuclear facilities as the vital public servants they are.

On June 5, I attended a rally with members of our CRPEG group, other unions, and supporters. Standing outside the Treasury Board offices, we demanded that CNL employees get their pensions back.  (You can watch the video of my speech here.)  This week, I also had the opportunity to stand with Jonathan Fitzpatrick, members of the coalition and MP Daniel Blaikie to deliver thousands of letters from CNL employees to the Prime Minister and the President of the Treasury Board.  The press conference can be viewed here on the CPAC network.

Please take a moment to join the campaign to support Canadian Nuclear Workers and support your fellow members by visiting the CANW action site and joining the Facebook group.

Better Together!

Debi Daviau

12 December 2019
With the swearing-in of the new federal Cabinet and the election of close to 100 new Members of Parliament, I have been putting together a new government relations plan and building new relationships with elected officials.

20 November 2019
On November 20, 2019 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the composition of his new Cabinet.

18 November 2019
As you are certainly aware given the extensive media coverage over the past few days, at time of writing bed bugs have been found in at least 8 government buildings located in the National Capital Region. They have also been reported in federal government buildings in Montreal and Winnipeg. There may be other affected locations across Canada that have yet to be formally identified.

13 September 2019
We have developed this online Election Toolkit that will help you make an informed choice in electing a government that will protect public services and respect the people who provide them.

11 September 2019
On September 6, 2019, the government announced the investment of $117M in the design and delivery of the Next Generation human resources and pay system (NextGen), the much-awaited successor to the disastrous Phoenix.

31 July 2019
Parliament has risen and MPs are back in their home ridings — we are getting closer to the next federal election. With fixed election dates, we can expect Election Day to be Monday October 21, 2019.