Policy on Compensatory Salary


The Institute encourages member participation by ensuring that members do not lose salary or are compensated for loss of leave entitlement for approved attendance at authorized meetings.

1. Effective Date

This policy is effective as of September 29, 2015.


2. Policy Objective

To clarify when compensatory salary shall be paid.

3. Policy Requirements

The Institute shall pay compensatory salary to Regular members who use the following types of leave from their public service position, while participating in Institute activities (including travel time) approved by the Board of Directors.

(BOD – September 2015)

  1. leave without pay for union business

    (BOD – May 2014)

  2. vacation leave
  3. lieu leave
  4. compensatory leave
  5. pre retirement leave
  6. personal needs day
  7. leave with income averaging
  8. volunteer day

(BOD - December 2011)

The Institute will reimburse the employer's portion of superannuation contributions in respect of leave without pay for Institute business when the employee is required to pay both his share and the employer's share of contributions. If leave without pay for union business does not count as pensionable service, the Institute shall, upon request of the member, pay an amount equivalent to the employer's portion of superannuation contributions. The onus shall be on the member to provide documentation to substantiate such claims.

Where a person is on a compressed work schedule, they receive compensation for the actual hours of lost pay. If the authorized activity occurs on a scheduled compressed day off, there are no hours of lost pay, and therefore no salary compensation is provided. Conversely, if it is a scheduled long day in the compressed work schedule, compensation is paid for all of the hours of lost pay.

When a member is on leave with income averaging, compensation is provided at the unreduced rate of pay.

All claims for compensatory salary should be submitted for reimbursement within one hundred and eighty (180) days after the date on which the expenses were incurred. If a claim is not received within the aforementioned time frame, ten percent (10%) of the adjusted and approved amount claimed will be deducted each month thereafter. An article shall be included in each issue of Communications reminding members that late submissions may incur penalties.

Exceptions may be made to the provisions of this policy with prior approval by the President or the Executive Committee.