Communications Policy


1. Effective Date

May 4, 2007

2. Policy Objective

3. Policy Requirements

1. Issuance of Newsletters by Institute Bodies Through Institute Facilities

  1. The following Institute bodies, and any others that may be authorized by the Annual General Meeting or the Board of Directors, may send out newsletters to their constituencies through Institute facilities:
    • Board of Directors
    • Executive Committee
    • Group Executives
    • Sub-Group Executives
    • Regional Councils
    • Regional Executives
    • Branch Executives.
  2. With the exception of Group Executive newsletters, the size of all newsletters shall not exceed eight (8) pages printed on 4 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 paper.

    BOD - August 12, 2006

  3. With the exception of Group Executives and the Board of Directors, the issuance of newsletters shall be limited to a maximum of four (4) per year . Any exception to the size and frequency of newsletters shall be subject to prior approval of the Board of Directors.
  4. All newsletters shall identify the appropriate body responsible for the content of the newsletter. Should any problem occur with respect to the production or editing of newsletters, the identified body shall be contacted.

2. Publications/Union Logos

Publications of the Professional Institute printed under outside contract shall be printed, where practical, by union print shops located in Canada and such publications shall clearly indicate the appropriate printer’s union logo or insignia.

AGM 1992

3. PIPSC Web Site

  1. Editorial Authority The Institute retains editorial authority over material published on the site. Such authority shall be exercised by the Communications Section, under the direction of the President or as delegated by the President.
  2. Costs and Technical Considerations Material submitted for publication may be edited, reformatted, or rejected due to the limitations of the site, other technical considerations or costs.
  3. Format Members submitting material are encouraged to do so in a format compatible with that used by the Institute. Members considering making submissions are encouraged to contact the Communications Section or Informatics to determine the preferred formats.
  4. Links The Institute shall post a notice on its web site indicating that links to other web sites are provided as a convenience to users of this site, that the Institute neither monitors, nor controls those sites, and it does not necessarily endorse their viewpoints or contents.

4. Logos

Last Revised - June 19, 1999

  1. Groups and Regions Group or Regional identifiers may be used provided that:
    1. identifiers are submitted to the Executive Committee for approval;
    2. identifiers do not replace or interfere with the Institute logo or address, the placement of identifiers to comply with postal regulations, and
    3. additional printing costs are paid for by the applicable Group or Region.
    4. all promotional items purchased by constituent bodies will incorporate the PIPSC logo with their respective logo.

      BOD - May 4, 2007


5. Member Resignations

Last Revised - June 19, 1999

When a Regular member resigns from the Institute, the Executive Secretary shall acknowledge same and inform the member as to what the resignation means in loss of privileges and services. A copy of the Executive Secretary’s letter shall be forwarded to the appropriate Group Chair for information.

6. Publication of Material

The Institute may decline to publish, either in print or electronically, materials submitted if they are factually incorrect, inconsistent with the policies and principles of the Institute, libelous, in violation of copyright law, or would otherwise subject the Institute to legal action.