Committees of the Board


Call for Volunteers for 2023
PIPSC Standing Committees of the Board of Directors

If you are interested in participating as Chair, Member or Friend on a standing committee of the Board for 2023, you are invited to submit your expression of interest by completing the prescribed form by the deadline of Wednesday, October 5, 2022.

Committees of the Board


Note 1 By-Law 17.1.3 Composition -  All Committees shall consist of five (5) to seven (7) members and, unless otherwise specified, shall include one (1) member from each Region. Where there is a Vice-President liaison to a committee, the Vice-President does not count as a member of the committee.

Note 2 There will be no solicitation process for members of Executive Compensation Committee, or for the Training and Education Committee.  Institute By-Laws and policies require that members of these committees be selected from members of the Board of Directors and/or the designated individual from the Chair of the Regional Training Committee respectively.  However, members may indicate their interest in the position of Chair of the Training and Education Committee by filling out the appropriate form by clicking the following link: Nomination Form

Note 3 Only volunteers who have complied with the due-process call for nominations, and have adhered to the prescribed time lines, shall be deemed to be eligible candidates.

Application Process

Volunteers shall be limited to applying to two (2) Standing Committees of the Board, and must indicate their preferences in priority order. 

Fill out the prescribed form by clicking on the following link: Application form. The instruction process for applying is listed below:

NOTE: To be able to fill out the application, you must log in to Google with your PIPSC email account.
If you don’t have a PIPSC email account, please create one by following this link:
Create a PIPSC E-mail Address[1] 

  • Clearly identify the committee(s) by title.  If requesting to volunteer on two (2) committees, rank these in order of preference.
  • Indicate your Group and Region.
  • State whether you are applying as Chair, Member or Friend.

Note 4 If you are not selected as Chair, you will automatically be considered as a member or as a friend.

Note 5 A “friend” of a committee is a member interested in the activities of the committee, but who is unable to participate as an active member.  Note that there are no “friends” on the Executive Compensation Committee, the Elections Committee, the Elections Appeal Committee or the Finance Committee.

  • List any Committees of the Board on which you served for the past five (5) years.
  • Include a brief rationale (on the prescribed form) outlining the reasons why you wish to be considered and what you would bring to the work of the committee you are applying for. 


The deadline for expressions of interest is no later than Wednesday, October 5, 2022.


Please consult the information on the Selection Process and Selection Criteria by following these links:

Committees of the Board, Institute By-Laws and Policy on Committees of the Board of Directors.

If you have any questions, please contact us at:


Application form

Nomination Form (for Chair of the Training and Education Committee)