Bea Bruske, CLC President, inspires AGM delegates

AGM delegates were happy to welcome Bea Bruske, President of the Canadian Labour Congress (CLC) at the Convention. 

Bea Bruske

Ms. Bruske shared a powerful message: That together, collectively, as the labour movement we are pushing back against the affordability crisis, the climate crisis, and the healthcare crisis. And as the labour movement works together, we have the power to find worker-centred solutions to these issues. 

The CLC represents over 3 million workers across Canada and they are the largest labour organization in Canada. They work to protect good, sustainable jobs, support workers, and build stronger communities. Ms. Bruske shared that when unions support each other, we get results and we win. When we engage in the work and forge ahead and organize on the issues that unite us, we are stronger than our opponents who are hellbent on coming after unions and dismantling the progress that we have made. 

Workers are looking to us for better job security, better wages, better working conditions, better benefits, and a pathway to a decent pension. The progressive candidates that we help elect are the ones who will help us win on the issues that are important to PIPSC members and all workers across Canada. 

Bea Bruske was re-elected for a second term as President of the Canadian Labour Congress at the CLC’s 30th Constitutional Convention, held in Montreal in May of 2023. She has a passion for the rights of working people and has served workers and their families as an activist, workers’ advocate, negotiator, community organizer and labour leader for many years.