Alexandre Boulerice, NDP Labour critic, counting on PIPSC members to pushback on harmful political climate

AGM delegates welcomed, friend of the union, Alexandre Boulerice, Member of Parliament and NDP Labour critic, to openly discuss the link between the international political situation and members’ role as researchers, scientists, and professionals employed at the government.

Alexandre Boulerice

Alexandre addressed the delegates with a speech followed by a Q&A period with questions coming from members attending the event in person and online. 

In his speech, Alexandre spoke on PIPSC members and their important role in running federal public services and the country’s democratic life. Members conduct important studies and have been at the forefront of important labour actions in the public service. 

Alexandre spoke on the uncertain and delicate political climate we are currently living in. We are seeing a trend towards populism and the extreme right in Western countries, including Canada, where we are faced with the rise of the Pierre Poilievre agenda. 

Unions and their members have the responsibility to put forward objective realities and lead in democratic and respectful debates. A lot of work needs to be done to push back against these trends. It’s up to us to organize and mobilize ourselves to bring back facts, studies, and science in public debates. When we work together, we will continue to make a difference, protect public services, defend union rights, defend human rights, and make sure we live in a just, respectful and equitable society. 

During the Q&A period, Alexandre and the delegates discussed the anticipated implementation of the anti-scab bill, future collaborations between his work and the union, preparing for the next federal elections, and the fight against back-to-work legislation. 

Alexandre Boulerice is a member of Parliament representing the riding of Rosemont—La Petite-Patrie, Quebec. He has been fighting for social and environmental justice since he first became a Federal Member of Parliament twelve years ago. In addition to serving as the party's Deputy Leader, Alexandre is the NDP's labour critic and is leading the fight to pass an anti-scab bill at the federal level. A proud Quebecer and trade unionist, he has made a name for himself with his outspokenness and remains determined to make Quebec's progressive labour movement’s voice heard.