2022 AGM Report of the Training, Education and Mentorship (TEAM) Committee



I am thankful to lead the Institute’s training as this is a very important pillar of our union success. Stewards and members’ education keeps them engaged, feeling supported and aware of their rights and obligations.

Some of the TEAM committee activities were:

  • preparing our terms of reference
  • identifying work priorities for 2022
  • preparing a list of all PIPSC educational courses
  • selecting which courses need to be updated
  • discussing regional training needs for training events such as basic steward training, advanced steward training, and steward councils.
  • resolving the resolution referred by the 2021 AGM regarding Mental health, by making a plan to develop and pilot a new internal mental health workshop in 2023.
  • developing a Peer to Peer Facilitator training to support the delivery of non labour-specific training courses.
  • selecting a few members representing their region to attend the CLC Violence in the Workplace course to be able to deliver this course for PIPSC once we modify it for our needs
  • holding a joint session with VP Eva Henshaw to discuss the steward framework and the training needs
  • reviewing the training budgets
  • piloting a new collective agreement interpretation course
  • establishing a training request form and methods to prioritize training development

Part of the 2022 year we delivered virtual training and the remainder of the year we delivered in person training. The committee worked closely with our education officers, Joanna Simpson and Richard Gaboton. Our education officers revised some courses and developed new ones, using a popular educational model. All feedback received from participants that revised courses are more engaging and improved.

We plan to review any special requests for training that are outside the normal regional offerings. All special requests should come to the TEAM committee for discussion and our approval. With the growing number of outstanding steward applications due to COVID, retirement and staffing changes, we aim to provide timely training. We have sent a few stewards to be trained in other regions to fill a gap of training not being filled

or offered in some regions and the fact that there is a steward shortage in some workplaces.

During the year we had changes in the committee members and the support staff which was challenging at times. Therefore, I would like to thank the members of the TEAM Committee for their contributions and resilience. I also want to thank all our employee relations officers for their efforts in providing quality training.

The next year will be used to identify 2023 education priorities, building training streams for the Steward Framework. I also wish to build up a pool of peer to peer facilitators to support regional training needs and employment relations officers.

The 2022 TEAM committee members:

Carolyn Hynes, Atlantic.

Pam Kubicz, Prairies/NWT,

Peter MacDougall, BC/Yukon Sherry Oake, NCR

Karine Regimbald, Quebec

Tom Zaropoulis/Bridget Brawley, Ontario

Staff Resources: Nancy Lamarche, Brigitte Jolin, Shelby Woodman

Education Officers: Joanna Simpson and Richard Gaboton

Thank you

Samah Henein

Director, Prairie/NWT Region

Chair of Training, Education and Mentorship Committee