The Opening of the 103rd AGM of the Professional Institute

The Opening of the 103rd AGM of the Professional Institute 

On Friday, November 18, 2022, AGM Chair Lucienne Bahuaud called the 103rd Annual General Meeting to order with a warm welcome to the more than 700 delegates.

Lucienne Bahuaud and Nancy McCune

Lucienne Bahuaud, AGM Chair, and Nancy McCune, Parliamentarian

The assembly observed a moment of silence to honour members who had passed away since the previous AGM. Pursuant to a resolution at the 2014 AGM, delegates proudly stood at attention for the Canadian National Anthem. 

As delegates prepared for business, the Chair reviewed the rules of procedure and the Code of Respect and led the delegates through the initial items on the agenda, including the disposition of the 2021 AGM resolutions.