AGM 2021 Frequently Asked Questions

The 102nd Annual General Meeting will be a virtual event. Delegates are encouraged to read the Participants Guide prior to the start of the meeting. 

When is the PIPSC 2021 AGM? 

The 2021 AGM will be held November 5th and 6th, 2021. All technology and key participants will be on standby for November 7th, 2021 if required.

When can I log in to the PIPSC 2021 AGM?

The AGM (Lumi) platform will be available anytime after you receive your login credentials from Lumi. The Zoom meeting will not start until approximately 15mins prior to the meeting. Please Note: It is recommended that you test your login to the Lumi platform after you receive your login credentials (via email) and prior to the day of the AGM.

What software is being used for the PIPSC 2021 AGM?

Participants will log in to the Lumi platform which now has Zoom integrated. Participants will see Lumi and Zoom side by side. The Lumi side will be used for participation and voting, the zoom will be used for audio and video during the AGM. For the best experience, we recommend that participants update their Zoom Client to the latest version

How do I connect to the PIPSC 2021 AGM? 

Connect to the AGM (Lumi) platform using this link and entering the meeting ID: 432-930-180

You will need your login credentials (username and password) sent by Lumi to the email address you used to register for the event. For complete step by step instructions on how to connect to the AGM, please read the Participants Guide

I have a laptop computer that is connected to my home wifi. Will I need anything else to participate in the AGM? 

It is highly recommended that participants use a desktop or laptop computer, hardwired to your home network if possible.

During the AGM, you may need to limit usage of other devices on your network to ensure adequate bandwidth for the AGM (i.e. other devices will take up connection capacity). Cellular connections are slower and should be avoided. 

Can I use VPN Software?

VPN software may cause connectivity issues. It is recommended that you disable VPN before connecting to the AGM.

How do I submit an amendment to a resolution?

Email the text of the amendment to BLPC at: (English) or to (French). Type ‘AMEND’ in the Lumi platform to notify the moderator that you are submitting an amendment. You will be notified by email if your amendment requires clarification. Once the amendment is moved and seconded (or the speaker is recognized), it will appear on the zoom screen.

How do I download the PIPSC AGM App? 

Download the PIPSC AGM app for iPhone 
Download the PIPSC AGM app for Android
Note the PIPSC AGM app cannot be used for participating in the 2021 AGM

Who should I contact if I have technical or login issues?

If you run into difficulty with any aspect of the technology, please contact PIPSC IT support at 1-(855) 248-7421 or by email to

Note, this temporary phone number is only available:

  • November 2nd and 3rd from 9AM to 5PM EDT
  • November 4th from 9AM to 7PM EDT
  • November 5th and 6th from 8AM to 6PM EDT