Report of the Professional Recognition & Qualifications Committee

REPORT OF THE Professional Recognition and Qualifications Committee

Presented to the 101st Annual General Meeting

The past year has been a difficult one for Canada the world due to Covid-19. Our professional that are represented by the Institute have been working on the front lines and behind the scenes delivering crucial services to Canadians during this Pandemic and we need to continue to ensure their Professionalism is recognized. Our first committee meeting this year was supposed to happen in April but as we all know our plans were put in disarray due to Covid-19. We did manage to have meetings by zoom and to have discussions by e-mail and came up with some high level goals:

1. Defining the meaning of a professional and professional Integrity and publishing and enshrining it in collective agreements

2. Advocating against De-professionalization and working with existing Institute groups to come up with common strategies

3. Champion Career and Professional Development for both hard (profession related) and soft skills (leadership, effective speaking, etc)

4. Strengthening our linkages both internal and external to PIPSC.

With our committee mandate being extended until the end of 2021 we will continue to refine these goals and to develop actions for each of them. If you have any input please feel free to send it our way so we can potentially integrate it.

I would like to thank the members and friends of the PRQC for their dedication and continued involvement this past year. The members of the committee are: Barbara Broom (SH, ATL), Johanne Potvin (AFS,QUE), John Eng (NR, NCR), Tim Azab (AFS, ONT), Rohit Chhabra (CFIA-VM, PRAI/NWT) and Nashwa Tamraz (CS, BC/Yukon). Our friends are: Thomas Landry (SP, ATL), Gerry Saunders (SH, ATL) and Kevin Jacobs (SP, PRAI/NWT). I would also like to thank our Board Liaison Vice-President Gary Corbett and our staff resources Erica Bernstein and Marielle Nadon.


In Solidarity,

Sean O’Reilly

PRQC Chair