Watch David Coletto and Hassan Yussuff at the 100th PIPSC AGM

The two guest speakers at the 100th AGM were David Coletto, CEO of Abacus Data responsible for conducting our 2019 membership survey, and Hassan Yussuff, a well-known champion for Canadian workers and president of the Canadian Labour Congress.

David Coletto addressed the results of the member survey in depth from the large increase of the overall satisfaction rate of our members, to the priorities of our members. He explored various scenarios PIPSC could face where dues weren’t required, or worse, if PIPSC did not exist. Good news — our members are proud union members and many would still be supportive of our union. There is a lot of positive feedback gained from this survey and a lot to learn. We are heading in the right direction.

President Hassan Yussuff, then took the stage expressing his constant support for public service. President Yussuff highlighted the great work done by unions and the progress made in the last year and the year ahead. He celebrated the end to Bill C-27, new legal protections for victims of domestic violence and the progress we've made on Pharmacare.

Two inspiring speeches reminding us of the many ways we are “Leading Progress.”

Watch the video below for the full speeches.