Professionals Canada Task Force Preliminary Report

Preliminary Report of Consultations on Professionals Canada proposal

Based on feedback from the 2018 PIPSC Annual General Meeting, a Task Force was established in consultation with the Board of Directors and the Advisory Council to:

  • Review and assess the results of consultation on the Professionals Canada proposal,
  • Review the completeness of the proposal and supporting information, and
  • Report the results of its review and assessment to the Professionals Canada Steering Committee, Advisory Council and Board of Directors.

We are pleased to provide the preliminary report summarizing and documenting the results of the Task Force’s review and assessment of the Professionals Canada proposal. After extensive discussions informed by 90 supporting documents, all 158 questions and comments assembled from the February 19, 2019 Advisory Council / BOD facilitated consultation session have been answered or addressed.

As always, member engagement and consultation has resulted in an improved outcome. For example, as a result of the questions and comments regarding support of other labour organizations for the concept, the Canadian Labour Congress was approached about their opinion on Professionals Canada. CLC President Hassan Yussuff issued an official letter to express the broader labour movement’s support of the proposal.

President Yussuff wrote:

“Professionals Canada is a great opportunity for Canada’s labour force and it compliments, but does not replace, our traditional representation model. I encourage you to fully support PIPSC in its efforts to establish this vital new element in the fight for fairness for all Canadian workers.”

We encourage all members to review the entire report, including the full text of the letter from the President of the Canadian Labour Congress.

The final report, including additional feedback from the preliminary report and consultation with impacted groups, will be presented on October 26, 2019 and will be provided to the 100th AGM on November 8, 2019.