PIPSC Celebrates a Century of Leading Progress at its 100th Annual General Meeting

A record number of more than 650 delegates convened in Ottawa to kick off a year-long celebration of the Institute’s 100th Anniversary.

The theme of the AGM – and indeed – the 100th Anniversary – is Leading Progress.

The opening video retrospective illustrated the Institute’s century of leading progress that began in 1920. The Institute’s story is about transformation, when dedicated professionals began fighting for workplace gains most Canadians take for granted today. Things like healthcare, sick leave, and the right to strike.

It’s a story about leadership, creating and advocating for the programs and services that have made Canada smarter, fairer, safer, healthier, happier. Smarter for our part in advancing science and engineering. Fairer through our work to achieve pay equity and increase workplace diversity. Safer because of what we do to protect Canada’s food supply. Healthier for our work on the frontlines of medicine. Happier for the simplest gains that often seem the most meaningful, like pensions and paid vacations.

PIPSC is Canada’s largest union of professionals employed by government. Impartial. Non-partisan. Proud to work for the public good.

And the story’s just begun.

In an age when truth matters most, PIPSC stands up for it, protecting whistleblowers, defending scientific integrity, promoting human rights.

Our passion isn’t profit—it’s public service. Researching nuclear energy in Manitoba. Inspecting cattle in Regina. Building bridges in Moncton. Safeguarding data in Gatineau. Treating patients in Whitehorse. Chasing tax cheats in big business. Protecting ecosystems on Vancouver Island. Safeguarding fisheries and forests nation-wide.

In the country consistently ranked among the best in the world, we help make its public service one of the most effective in the world.

We are the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada.

We give our best to make Canada the best: Smarter. Fairer. Safer. Healthier. Happier.

A century of leading progress.