Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program

Legacy Foundation Scholarship Program 

Delegates viewed a video update on the Institute’s Legacy Foundation, including brief profiles of this year’s scholarship laureates.  

For 20 years, the Institute has been raising money to help kids all across the country. We’ve enabled kids to fulfill their dreams, we’ve funded life-changing resources for child amputees, and, most of all, we’ve funded scholarships for deserving kids.

This year, we awarded 37 scholarships worth a total of $57,500.

Founders’ Scholarships
$1,000 Gerry Hunder Memorial Scholarship
Samantha Lin (Bo Lin, CS)  

$1,500 Scholarship
David Zhu (James Zhu, AFS)

$1,000 Scholarship
Emma Callbeck (Rudy Callbeck, NR) 
Kiara Guidote (Patrizia Capuano, AFS)

$1,500 Scholarship sponsored by the Computer Systems Group
Zoë Gagnon (Remi Gagnon, CS)

Sponsors’ Series Scholarships
$5,000 Scholarship
Prajeya Parmar (Rajiv Parmar, CFIA-S&A)

$1,500 Scholarship
Lauren Awalt (David Awalt, CS)
Victoria Bradford (Paul Bradford, SH)
Mirella Deng (Kai Deng, NAV CAN)
Josephine Ding (Jack Ding, RE)
Neha George (Elizabeth George, CS)
Michaela Hammond (Tim Hammond, RE)
Keegan Hynes (Teresa Hynes, AV)
Catherine Li (Xia Liu, CS)
Anu Popoola (Gabriel Popoola, AFS)
Logan Richards (Janna Rausch,CS) 
Jenna Ryan (Brenda Cole, AFS)
Teghan Sherman (Catherine Sherman, SH)
Kirsten Suesser (Ulrich Suesser, SP)
Madison Van Will (Pieter Van Will, SP)
Michael White (Paul White, CS)

Boys and Girls Club Scholarships
$1,500 Scholarships
Jennalee Hemeon
Olivia DeMerchant
Lesley Vickers
Zoey Chapman
Jamika McCarthy Miller
Michael Adam
Haleema Mohamed
Steve Le
Haseeb Arif
Madison Taylor
Savannah Lapensee
Sydney John-Baptiste
Emmet Carriere
Kheyra Davie-King
Kristen Anderson

To date, we’ve awarded $882,000 in scholarships to 449 students. 

Our scholarships are funded by the generous contributions of individual members, constituent bodies, and by corporate sponsors.

You can help us support a new generation of young professionals and make a difference in their lives.

Visit www.pipsc.ca/legacy to find out more.