100th Anniversary Mural

100th Anniversary Mural

President Daviau shared with the delegates a short video about the making of the 100th Anniversary mural.

In celebrating its 100th anniversary, the Institute invited Ottawa artist Ryan Smeeton to create a special mural to honour its rich history. 

Over the course of a month, Ryan Smeeton worked to paint 100 years of progress. 

In the video, the artist captured the importance of PIPSC members’ work and the spirit of the Institute’s purpose – building community to act collectively to improve its members’ lives.

Smeeton turned a grey wall into a work of art. Windows in the newly renovated conference centre at the Institute’s National Office will overlook the mural, providing a colourful reminder of our 100-year journey. 

The Institute is thankful to its neighbours at Dustbane for their support for this project and their permission to use one of their walls for this mural. 

As this year’s AGM marks the kick-off of our 100th anniversary celebrations, there will be many projects and events coming up to celebrate our past and future success.