2018 Resolutions - Budgetary

F-1 Audited Finance Statements

Sponsor: Board of Directors | Disposition:  Carried  

Be it resolved that the 2018 AGM receive the audited financial statements for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2018.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: No comment

F-2 Appointment of Auditors

Sponsor: Board of Directors | Disposition:  Carried 

Be it resolved that BDO Canada be appointed as auditors of PIPSC and its related entities, for the 2019-2020 fiscal years.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: No comment

F-3 Budget

Sponsor: Board of Directors | Disposition:  Carried as Amended 

AMENDED BY P. Gilkinson

Be it resolved that the 2018 AGM approve the budget for the period of July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020, with the membership number changed to 56,000.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: No comment

F-4 Professionals Canada

Sponsor: Board of Directors | Disposition:  Referred to the Board of Directors 

Whereas PIPSC must protect itself from incessant attacks from right wing governments including any attack on the Rand Formula; and

Whereas a growing number of professionals in non-unionized private sector positions are facing precarious and harsh working conditions; and

Whereas PIPSC must continue to use every available means to combat the misuse of contracting out which has severely impacted our CS members and is increasingly threatening all professionals represented by the Institute; and

Whereas reaching out to non-unionized private sector professionals will benefit PIPSC by creating a new potential member base and by making us the leading voice for professionals in Canada; and

Whereas building communities of professionals to act collectively to improve our members’ lives is our highest purpose as a union that believes we are “better together”;

Be it resolved that the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada carry on its 100-year tradition of protecting and enhancing the rights of professional workers through the establishment of Professionals Canada, while reaffirming its commitment to combating the abuse of contracting out.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: Supporting documentation is available upon request.

F-5 Funding for PIPSC Constituent Bodies

Sponsor: Ontario Regional Council | Disposition:  Defeated  

 Whereas dues increases are passed by a PIPSC Annual General Meeting vote; and

Whereas PIPSC uses these increased revenues to fund Institute expenses; and

Whereas all PIPSC constituent bodies experience the same increase in expenses to represent our members;

Be it resolved that funding for all PIPSC constituent bodies be increased in the same proportion as any dues increase passed by a PIPSC National Annual General Meeting.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: The 2016 dues increase represented a 16% increase from the previous rate. This would increase constituent body allowances by $286K. Constituent bodies spend 48% of their current annual allowance on average each year.

F-6 Segregated Strike Fund

Sponsor: Ontario Regional Council | Disposition:  Defeated

Whereas the Institute does not have a funded and segregated strike fund and employers view strike mandates with apprehension; and

Whereas the recent dues increase more than funds the anticipated legal and operational costs of the Institute;

Be it resolved that a segregated fund be established and used for any strike activity; and

Be it further resolved that $5 per month of union dues currently paid by Institute members be allocated to this segregated strike fund, effective January 1, 2019.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: We already have a strike fund in place as of June 30, 2018 of $11.5 million. Annually, the Institute transfers on average $250K, based on the imputed interest earned on our reserves. The accounting for Strike Fund is already segregated as stated in the audited financial statements: Externally Restricted – Strike Fund. This fund is reserved for strikes.

Adoption of this resolution would require an accounting policy change and adjustments to previous audited financial statements. Currently, the strike fund increases by the annual returns on the Institute’s reserves and would be depleted according to actual strike expenses should they occur. Since the strike fund is externally restricted, the Institute cannot draw on this fund for other expenditures.

The costing of this resolution at $5 per member per month, based on a membership of 60,000, would be an additional $3.6M.

F-7 Inviting Youngest Steward to Institute AGM



Sponsor: Québec Regional Council (f) | Disposition:  Defeated

Whereas the Institute’s AGM is our highest democratic forum;

Whereas we must do everything in our power to encourage young people to become involved;

Whereas the union must ensure that it properly represents the interests of the new generation in order for young people to develop a feeling of belonging to their union;

Whereas, to ensure the sustainability of the Institute, we must train tomorrow’s leaders by passing on to them the organization’s knowledge and values;

Be it resolved that the youngest Steward in each Region, if they have not already availed themselves of this provision, be invited to the Institute’s by the Institute to the PIPSC AGM as an observer and that the required money be set aside for that purpose;

Be it further resolved that these observers be added to the regular participants and that they not replace those already specified in the policies.

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: Observer costs are borne by the sponsoring constituent bodies. The average cost per delegate attending the PIPSC AGM is $1,850.

F-8 Group Executive Meetings

Sponsor: CS Group | Disposition:  Carried

Whereas Policy on Institute Groups restricts PIPSC covering the costs for executive meetings to not more than five meetings per year.

Whereas five meetings per year have proven to not be enough in order to deal with the group’s business and mandate.

Whereas the policy on Regional executive meetings allows six meetings per year

Therefore be it resolved that the Policy on Institute Groups be amended as follows:

9. Group Executive Meetings

The Group Executive shall meet as frequently as is required, but at least twice a year. The Institute will fund Group Executive meetings up to the amount of the approved budget submitted by the Group Executive.

In preparing a budget for Group Executive meetings, the following assumptions shall be used:

not more than five (5) six (6) executive meetings, which includes one (1) of which is associated with the Group Annual General Meeting and one (1) associated with the PIPSC AGM;

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: The average daily cost of an Executive meeting for the twelve largest Groups is $9K. Therefore the estimated additional cost would be $108K.

F-9 Child Care

Sponsor: Katie Oppen | Disposition:  Withdrawn

 Whereas member participation may be limited by the lack of reliable and affordable childcare; and

Whereas the PIPSC policy on child care allows only 75$ a day which is not in line with current market costs;

Be it resolved that PIPSC increase the allowance for child care cost to a maximum of 100$ per day;

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: A childcare policy is currently under review. 

The RSC conducted a benchmarking study of daycare costs in several cities across Canada and determined that an average cost is approximately $45.97 per day. The incremental cost to increase the allowance for child care up to $100 (from $75) would represent at least $25K, based on current reimbursement for child care expenses.

F-10 Financial Reporting Training

Sponsor: Katie Oppen | Disposition:  Split

Whereas the Executives, and particularly the Treasurers, of constituent bodies including Branches, Regional Councils, Groups and Committees, are obligated to be fiscally responsible and transparent in how they administer and spend the PIPSC funds fees allocated to them; and

Whereas PIPSC has developed financial record keeping tools and practices; and

Whereas PIPSC has the capacity to provide training to constituent body executive members;

Be it resolved that PIPSC make enhanced training on financial reporting mandatory for all Treasurers of constituent bodies; and

Disposition: Defeated

Be it further resolved that PIPSC increase the depth and scope of training on financial reporting for constituent body executive members.

Disposition: Carried

Resolutions Sub-Committee Comments: A Treasurer Training module has already been created and was piloted, both in the NCR and PRA/NWT Regions. A delivery strategy is being put in place by the PIPSC national Education Section.

F-11 Resolution Making

Sponsor: Katie Oppen | Disposition:  Defeated

Whereas the development, discussion and adoption of resolutions are integral to the ongoing evolution and improvement of an organization; and

Whereas well written, thoughtful and strategic resolutions can trigger debate, engage members and stimulate positive changes in an organization; and

Whereas PIPSC constituent bodies such as Branches, Groups, and Regional Councils do not take full advantage of the opportunity to bring resolutions to their annual general meetings, to Regional Councils, or to the PIPSC National Annual General Meeting;

Be it resolved that PIPSC undertake to provide training to constituent bodies on how to prepare and present resolutions; and

Be it further resolved that PIPSC actively encourage the development of thoughtful, relevant resolutions by constituent bodies at all levels. 

Resolutions Sub-Committee CommentsThe pocketbook “How to Write a Resolution” is available to all members via the PIPSC Web site and training is already being provided to constituent bodies upon request.