“Crossroads” – Theme of the 99th PIPSC AGM

Our 99th AGM is a pivotal one for the Institute.

The theme of this year’s AGM is “Crossroads” – the delegates are facing a historic decision about the direction of the Institute beyond its 100th anniversary.

PIPSC can decide to take the path proposed by the Board of Directors or to take a different path altogether.

The Board has sponsored the following resolution at the AGM:

Therefore be it resolved that the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada carry on its 100-year tradition of protecting and enhancing the rights of professional workers through the establishment of Professionals Canada.

A growing number of professionals in the private sector face the harsh reality of working in non-unionized, temporary and precarious conditions: job insecurity, lack of benefits, and isolation at work.

That is why the PIPSC board is sponsoring and strongly advocating for the creation of a new labour organization, as a separate entity from PIPSC, to bring together a community of these professionals to address their common challenges.

This may be one of the greatest labour causes of our time. How we respond to this challenge will define the legacy of our union.